Jul 26, 2008

No Rain?

One time, I read a quote in devotions from an "Our Daily Bread" booklet and it said, "All sunshine and no rain makes a desert", it was referring to all the challenges we face. That quote made me think alot about the trials we go through in life, but none of my trials seemed big or too hard to handle or went beyond my control of thought. Usually when I like something I keep it in mind for awhile, sort of savoring it and tasting it. Then I would write it down, put it in my quote book, tack it up on my wall--whatever--and then forget about it. But not this time. I kept thinking about that quote and it never left my mind. I'd tell it to my Mom when she was discouraged about our business or money problems, but she'd always crisply reply, "And too much rain makes a swamp!" :) But I don't think so.

Sometimes hardships and trials enter our lives and we see no way around them, like a huge, looming mountain crashed down in the path between us and happiness. It seems like it has smashed all our hopes and dreams, but you take it on anyway, trusting the Lord to be right there beside you no matter what. But what if there's an avalanche? Boulders tumbling down around you on every side, pushing you back down the rocky incline you just scaled, a set back that's done damage. But not only that, wind and cold and snow next, and when you reach an impassable cliff you find out you lost an essential tool you need to climb this next big one. Nothing ever goes right, things keep on getting worse and worse. Where is the Lord in all this? Why isn't He making things easier for you? Why didn't He protect you and catch you before you fell back down the moutain? Where are you, Lord?

Just yesterday my little sister was put into the hospital. She's been sick for a very long time and we knew it was related to gluton intollerance somehow. The doctors diagnosed her with Chrone Disease which is related to gluton intollerance, but the doctors aren't willing to admit that, and she has an enlarged intestine which is blocking her food channels and she's not able to keep any food down. My sweet little Hannah has had to endure staying in a hospital away from home, pins and needles stuck into her, a horrible tube up her nose and down her throat, morphine, steroids and I have to ask myself, "Where is God? Why isn't He here protecting us from all this?" I thought if you prayed bad things wouldn't happen to you! Why aren't you doing something, God? Where on earth on You?

Earlier today, my Mom called and Dawna, my older sister, answered the phone. After she got off I was there waiting for the latest news on what the doctors were going to torture Hannah with next. But she told me something spectacular instead. Our pastor and his wife went up to see her, encouraged her and prayed with her. They bought my mom and dad lunch. They notified our church family and they are praying for my sister. Friends from town came to see her, bringing their love and prayers. Dear precious friends online and across the nation are praying for my sister, giving us encouragement, loving us in our hard time. And now I see, we are not alone, I have no need to be afraid, because He's right here.

We have rain in our life, but it's a heavenly rain. I have no doubt in my mind that when the Lord has seen us through and we've climbed our mountain, having faced huge boulders tumbling upon us, we will reach the top stronger in our relationship with the Lord, more prepared to face the dungeons that may await us below. He's never left me alone, in the cold, I've always been warm, because He was always there.

A dear friend sent me this verse today. Thank you, lovey!
"When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee; when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee." Isaiah 43:2

Thank you to all my dear friends and family who have prayed for Hannah and encouraged us as well. God bless and keep you all!


Emily said...

Oh my dear friend! How I wish that things could suddenly get better! We're praying, our church is praying. Love you, fair maiden!

Kayla said...

Thank you Emmie! :) It is such an encouragement to know you are all praying for us! We all really appreciate it!

Laura said...

We are praying for Hannah and you all.

"..but to those who fear My name, the Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings..." Malachi 4:2

I love you!