Aug 12, 2008

Take my heart to the Black Hills!

We had been planning a trip to Montana for a family reunion, but since Hannah was taken to the hospital, we couldn't very well go there and leave her! However, some friends of our's have been planning a vacation with us for a very long time! Tomorrow they are arriving and we are packing up and heading into the beautiful Black Hills to indulge ourselves in wild adventures beyond one's imagination! Don't ask me what those will be, but be assured we intend to have the bestest of times!

I will end now with some pictures of our quickly fleeting summer. But twas the most beautiful of summers I can remember for a long time. 


Emily said...

I love the pictures, Kally! Did you take them?

Love ya!! :)

Kayla said...

Thank you! :) Yes, I did take them.

Laura said...

Hi Kayli!! :)

We're going to have a fantabulous time... :)

Love ya!