Oct 29, 2008

Brown Sugar Muffins

It was in the wee hours of the morn, before eight o'clock, that I discovered a new way to make muffins particularly unsatisfying, dreadful, despised by one, loathed by all, and ghastly uneatable!

The discovery of this rather energizing product was one of complete unconsciousness--I was reading the recipe, having a lovely time being able to cook something for my loyal brothers and sisters, who have not uttered a single complaint in all my weeks of making breakfast for them, when I began to mix together the bowl of ingredients together. I added the milk and melted butter, plus an egg, and cheerfully stirred them round. But--when I began dipping them into the muffin tray, to my utter amazement it slopped over the sides in a rather runny disposition! It was at that moment that I uncovered my discovery. I snatched up the recipe and saw that I had put in nearly 3 times the amount of brown sugar needed!

One would think I'd have shouted, "Eureka!" and go dancing down the hallway, proclaiming my discovery to the whole sleeping household! But containing myself, I slowly dipped the batter back into the bowl, added another cup of flour and stirred it together, hoping to get a patent before anyone tried to steal it! ;)

They were a wonderful hit in the family! Heavier than heavy, flat on top, but a lovely, lovely brown! Everyone politely ate one, said they were delicious, and went away from the table groaning remorsefully! :D The rest of the muffins, however, well...let's just say the dogs had a nice treat! ;)

So if you are a sugar addict and would like to eat the produce of this great work and keep them all to yourself, I assure you this recipe will pleasure you more than any other you could find! It's guaranteed to send you into hyper convulsions all day and keep you awake at night. If you'd like to be sick for the whole day through, cure an incurable sweet tooth, than this recipe is for you! It even has the unequaled feature of being free for the taking! :D What a haul! You cannot not miss the chance at such a great deal! :D

Good-evening, everyone! And God bless! :)


Emily said...

LOL, Kay! They actually sound really good! And putting a little extra sugar isn't all that bad--I think that forgeting half the butter in cookies is FAR worse. ;) MY family has had to endure much worse, let me tell you. :D Sometimes I get flat out told, "That's terrible!" with a look that would make a lemon proud. ;) To sum up, your cookies were delightful, I'm sure, compared to a lot of stuff I've cooked. If you could call it cooking.

My, that comment came out a little longer than I would like but, oh well. :D

Love you!

Alyosha said...


Nice post.

You made at least two people laugh so they weren't completely a waste, right? ;)