May 20, 2009

I Love My New Camera! :D

Praise the Lord! I have a new camera! Now I can actually see my pictures! :D I take no credit for these pictures! I'm just remembering with a snapshot all of Jesus Christ's beautiful masterpieces!

Charmente as can be!
Do you know how I got her to stand so still for me? ;)

Our boggy, little pond! Even the smelliest of things, it's still created
by God and very beautiful!

These are real pests, especially after you've just mowed,
but they are very pretty in the sunlight!

He may be muddy and grubby, but I still think he's a pretty
cute little bro. :)

Ethan and I wish you a very wonderful evening!


Ashley Sebo said...

Yay! Kayla, those pictures are lovely, dear! I really like the one of you and your brother! Hugs!!! Cameras are SO neat!

Love you! Enjoy!

Emily said...

Gorgeous!! I love the first one especially!

Love you ever so much!

Laura said...

How awesome Kayli. Hope your long-awaited vacation is full of dreams come true. :) Love and hugs...

Jonathan and Denielle Johnson said...

That mercenary assassin in your older post looks pretty dangerous! :) Hey there, Ethan! :)

Lois said...

Aw, Kay...those are great! And yeah, Ethan is cute. (don't tell him I said so.) ;) Love you!