May 17, 2009

Time to Picture it up! :D

Yes, I have not had pictures up for a while and thought it high time! :) This is probably the last time you'll see pictures from my old Sony camera because I've ordered a new camera with money the Lord provided. :)

So some picture time!

Hiding from the camera! No wait! It's picture time!
You can't hide! :D

A little explaining here before my little brother frightens you!
"Kayla, will you take some pictures of me?"
"Sure! Go get the camera!"
"Alright! Hold on!"
*disappears and returns looking like this*

"If you don't mind my asking...what are you?"
"Oh, I'm a Mercenary Assassin."
"Oh--and Kayla?"
"Will you put these on your blog?"
*lifts brow*
"Uh...sure!" :D
You're adorable, Ethan! And I love you!
(Even if you are pretending to be a Mercenary Assassin!) ;)
Bye, bye kittens! You are so cute!
A million down and seven left to go! ;D

Blessed once again with a rainbow of His promise!
It was so beautiful! I was actually tempted to
run out into the field and see if there was a
pot of gold on the end! ;)
Randomness! :)

Beautifulness! :D


Having popcorn and orange julius on a summer evening!
Well, orange julius fights, I should say! :)

Dad bought Mom an ice cream maker for Mother's Day.
"It's something she's always wanted," he said.
But I think he had more fun with it than Mom! :D

But for some reason this family happens to be cursed with ice
cream makers that don't work!
We ended up having strawberry and chocolate shakes. :)
Joseph, how come you're always on the right side of the flowers? :)
Enjoying your shake? :)

Some still preferred to have it in a bowl. :)

Well, have a good summer everyone! Safe travels and God bless!



Emily said...

Kay, awesome job on the pictures!!! I especially liked the one with your little brother. lol!

And you got a new camera??? Yayness!! I'm so happy for you. :D What kind is it? If you can do this well with the one you have, you'll be in buisness before you know it, and no mistake. :)

Love you so much!!

Kayla said...

Aw! Thanks Em! :)

Yes! I just got a small digital Canon Powershot to begin with. I wanted something to take on our trip. :) I plan on saving up for a better one as life goes on and as the Lord provides. :)

Love ya!

Hannah said...

Wonderful pictures, Kaylee! My favorite is Ethan's!!! That boy's living in our house!?!? *Screams* Run away!!!!!

Lois said...

lol! Kay, you're so funny! I REALLY loved the post. Thanks so much for the update, girly!
Love you!

Laura said...

Love the pictures, updates, beautifulness, floweryness and randomness, Kay... you're awesome... :D love and hugs from