Jul 23, 2009

A journey to the south seas...

So, we pause in the tediously long posts of our trip to take you far away, across the prairies and even over the mountains and oceans, to a place very few of us have ever seen-the South Seas in our own backyard-in this case house...room...Dawna's room, to be exact! :D A tea party once a year brings great excitement and preparation to the ladies of the household! Only this time, we should say, it was a smoothie party. :) I got to do Hannah's hair!
Tada! The finished project! I can't believe how much I missed doing Hannah's hair while she was sick! And how much I missed her doing mine!
But I'm so thankful I still have many more days with her!
And so...we enter a paradise! A room transformed to a chest full of treasure!
We found our buried treasure that day and will carry it with us the rest of our lives!

Get a load of the FOOD! That's lime cheesecake!
And there was crab dip and pineapple and kiwi and mango and fruit dip and...
FOOD! It was SO lovely! (I know, as a writer I should be showing and not telling, I should be telling you why it was lovely, but I hope you get a healthy mix of both with the pictures and my blathering!)

Oh, dear! Blurry picture day(I found out later what was wrong), but LOOK at that!
Isn't it fabulous! And MY sister made it all! MY sister came up with the whole idea!

We usually laugh and giggle and have a lot of girly time, but this time, seriously,
we sat in an awe of silence, just...looking, and feeling, and...tasting!
Everything was simply scrumptious! :)
As you can see the table was arranged in a bower of hibiscus flowers and cups
with thick, juicy, fruity smoothies filled with everything! And it was healthy to boot!

Darling mother! (Blurryness again. I now know what I did wrong)
We had loads of fun talking with her! It's so...awesome to just sit down
and be able to have a two hour long talk with your mother about everything,
and not be interrupted!
Oh, and did I mention the chocolate? We got had a whole coconut shell FULL of it!

South Seas conversation after we got over the silent joy of where we had been
transported to!

Pineapple dip with gluten-free crackers!
SO delicious!

And our smoothies came with their own sweet, little umbrella!
I could NOT stop taking pictures!

And name cards? Don't get me going about the name cards!
Those things intrigue me! My sister is amazing!
Avocados and strawberries, too!

As you can see we had an enormous, long stemmed glass of
our delicious smoothie drink!

Enjoying the...south seas-ness of it all!
"Can't take it in!"
Thank you, Dawna!

The loveliest hostest that ever was!

Had to get a shot on our own little homemade island in the south seas.
Those kinds of islands are the best, you know. :)
(Still blurry. And I have fixed it, and I know what it was, too!)

The gorgeous table array, from my point of view!
Loved it, loved it, loved it!

It was an absolute a dreamland for an amateur photographer!

Did I mention the chocolate?
The kisses? The hugs? The Bliss?
I was living for a week!
"When in doubt choose chocolate. And I'm always in doubt!"
Flaunt and frill to Dawna's table!
Just like a creation of Rallmandu's table in "Dawn Treader",
Just South Seas-ed a little bit! ;D
Her bed was like a beach in the sun!
I so wanted to slip underneath the umbrella and listen to waves
roaring over the rocks and feel warm and cozy in the sunshine!
Ah! Can't forget our little friend! He was a pleasant guest!
He used to be the friend of a boy named Ronnie, long ago...
The story is far too sweet to be told here.
Someday perhaps, you might read it for yourself. :)
Our trusty navigation tools!
Look through the telescope into a whole new world!

Ah, and here is only part of our island treasure!

Tiki lamps!
But they were cancerous, so we didn't light them. :S

The crab dip! Oh, it was splendid! Crab dip is the absolute best!
You must join us next time we journey to the south seas!
You're sure to love this crab dip is none other!

This was good, too! Lettuce on mango with lime juice and...
I think that's how it's spelled.

Never excluding the palm trees,
shading our Delicious layout from the sun!

Oh, yes! Our time to be silly and have fun!
Loverly, m'dear, simply loverly!


Triple-wise! :D

OH! *gulp* Did I mention the lime cheese cake?
Girls, ladies, peoples, you have not tasted cheesecake until you have tried this!
(Yes, blurriness. And as all my photographing peers have already noticed, up until a little while ago I had not knowledge, whatsoever, of ISO. :) )
Oh, my the pineapple! I love pineapple!
Have you ever had it in cottage cheese salad?
Stupendous, dear darlings!
Laughter! Good for the heart! Helps you live longer!
I think we added about ten years onto our lives with all the laughter we shared!

This is the umbrella that came with my smoothie!
I love tea parties!
More bad ISO, but such creativness from my sister!

Don't you wish you were a fairy and could crawl underneath there and fall asleep
amongst the hibiscus petals?
What lovely things fairies are!
Flamingos added such a touch of reality with it all!
Such delicate, beautiful creatures they are!
Don't you think it would be lovely to live inside of a flower?
If there were no such flower as a rose, and if I were as small as a fairy,
I would make my bed inside a hibiscus!
The table! Oh, the table! I could not get over the table!
And still cannot!
Did I forget to say there was chocolate? ;)

How lovely the world is when you've a sister to share things with!
Dreams and laughter...how much brighter is the world when you and your sister sing praise to Him, side by side!

The parrot once belonged to a boy...perhaps, just maybe, could she be like the girl who also once belonged to him?

Have safe travels as your journey back home! *waves to the departing ship*

You shouldn't wish me any, though. At least...not yet! ;) For I intend to stay here a long, long while...


Emily said...

Awesome post, Kay!! And I'm pretty much drooling over here. ;) It all looks like a BLAST!

I love you SO much! And I WILL be sending you an email soon. :S And you know what?? You are SOMEBODY. :) The sweetest somebody I know. :) Hugs!

Laura said...

Oh, wow. What a fun and lovely time. :) "South Seas" has such a romantic, tangy sound to it...

Jonathan and Denielle Johnson said...

Oh, please can I come next time?! :) What fun - your pics made me very homesick for my sisters, too! :) Hugs to all! :) ~ Denielle

9Browns said...


What a wonderful party!

Good job, Dawna! I can hear the ocean and the ukeleles and smell the pinapple from here.... : )

Mrs Brown

Hannah said...

Wow! That is one of the best memories I will always cherish. Dawna does some awesome parties and that was one of the best! Great post Kayla! You take such lovely pictures! They're the best!