Sep 7, 2009

Paradise...Almost! ;)

Have you noticed there is a dwindling amount of pictures in each new post of our trip? :)

The day after our arrival in Arizona, we could not WAIT to go swimming! There were certain hours children could swim, so we had to wait our turn for a little while, but that was alright. :) We had a glorious swim! It was so beautiful! It felt like we were in some tropical paradise on an island! Surrounded in palm trees! It was SO much fun!

There will be an assortment of pictures of the pool, as you can see, because I believe I spent the better side of fifteen minutes just satisfying my photographing desire!

To the pool! But we had to shower off first. My grandparents live in this place, seriously, like a little colony of older people! It was fascinating to watch such a world go on around you. Quite fascinating. All very strict, you know, with rules and regulations, but they broke them anyway out of fun and boredom. :)

Palm trees! You'll forgive my exuberant amount of them, won't you? :)

This was my favorite thing to do while I was there--get the edge of a palm and the pool in the background. But to save you repeating yourself for the rest of the day, I'll only post this one. :)

Having a glorious time in the water! I did not know what I wanted more--to jump in after them or get my fill of pictures of the beautiful place!

So I sort of did both. Only I was standing on the edge of the pool. Just had to get a picture!

The table we segregated from the rest. "Help! The Updike's are here!" Probably considered a fire hazzard...

Oh, there were these beautiful flowers there! I can't remember what they're called, something Dragon, but they were gorgeous! Please forgive me another fault! I did not know how to get a picture of them!

Flowers, and foliage, and green everywhere! Not to mention the blue skies of Arizona!

Lovely tanning weather, wouldn't you say, dear sister? :)

I LOVED these bushes, or mini palm trees, er something! So lovely! (I know I should say something brilliant here, and as soon as I post, I'm sure I'll think of it!)

The Clubhouse, part of it. So exotic looking with its tiled roof and pillars!

Mostly all of the pool. Look at the blue and the contrast between the green and brown of the palms! They did quite well for creating there own little world of luxury!

More exotic-ness!

Here, you could sit in the shade and read while enjoying the exotic atmosphere. This is really good, you'll love this--every once in while, these little mist things would come on and mist up the air. It was so cool!

Dad and Joseph enjoying the hot tub. :) That I could not understand. :) Hot tubs on hot days...Hmm. :D

This one with the club house in the background. The observation towers over head really got me. I wondered if they were for "the look" or actually to keep people under strict observance, making sure they were following rules. Old people are so unruly, you know. ;)

Ethan loves swimming! He went swimming everyday.

So, I leave you with this relaxing picture. Very beautiful, eh? I'd love to live there for awhile, but one must do battle with the never changing weather. Their winters are considered our summers! :) But I loved the visit! My first time to a state where I'd never been before!


Emily said...

The pictures are gorgeaous, Kay!! Though I'm still trying to figure out what the attraction is with palm trees--we have so many around here. ;) Sooo any time that you want to come see CALIFORNIA palm trees, that would be great. :D

Kayla said... know, a country bumpkin like me isn't to seeing anything different than pine and spruce! But I love them just the same. :)

Laura said...

Palm trees are insanely cool, Em!!

oh wait -- you already knew I thought that...

Love both of you girlies!!! :)

Lois said...

Kay, you are most certainly not a country bumpkin.....more like a sophisticated non-city dweller who can go outside and breathe fresh air without fear of coughing up a lung from all the smog we have down here. I loved the post! Arizona is bee-yootiful!