Dec 15, 2009

Ten Things You Can Expect to Find if You visited us on a rainy day...

1. On a rainy Sunday evening, you'd find popcorn drifting across the kitchen floor and empty orange Julius glasses around the kitchen sink...

2. Children pirates looting each other in the living room, dangerously shaking the Christmas tree (if you came at Christmas time)

3. A book shelf full and overflowing in every room! (Excluding the bathroom, though I'm sure you would find a magazine or something to read in there)

4. Daddy watching 'shoot 'em up, bang 'em dead' movies with his girls! (Has happened! Perhaps not with all of his girls, but some of them)

5. Playmobile set ups all over the living room floor, creations of Ethan. :)

6. Decorations of immediate season shining about the house, on walls, tables, pianos, windows, inside and out!

7. Knitting needles sticking out of couches . . .

8. Lightning striking the computers out!
9. Lawn mowers breaking down or running out of gas about the same time the weed eaters decide their time isn't worth it.
10. But most of all . . . Happy children all round! Praise Him for a life worth the living, and Mom and Daddy for choosing LIFE!
Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!


Hannah said...

Wonderful dearest! That is certainly our family! And I wouldn't change it at all! ;)

Emily said...

That was so fun to read! I love finding those little things in the home that make you just love your life. :)

Love you, girlie! Merry Christmas!!!

Kelsey said...

(Blog feed thing, you betray me. *did not see this until now*)

Love this post, you describe it all so well. :) Merry Christmas to you too!