Jan 18, 2010

Hannah Leigh-Full of Grace

Something special for my sister: Hannah Leigh
. . . just because
You never cease to amaze me, you're such a wonderful person

Fun is something you're never without

you don't know how much I missed you when you were sick

Adventure is your ever present buddy! You're never afraid to try something new!

So wonderful to watch you play volley ball this year!

Beauty of heart, beauty of soul, beauty of mind . . .
You are beautiful inside and out!
Oh, how I love you!

Your kindness, your love, teach me amazing things
Your spirit is truly one of sacrifice and courage

You always make me laugh out loud with your complete randomness
You always oblige me and let me capture your silly faces!

Pure and good, graceful and sweet
Your heart, as white as snow, is never tarnished

You are like a rose, gently blooming year by year

I'm your sister, your nemesis, yet you love me
To me this is unfathomable!

I love you, Hannah dear! I wish I could fully express how much!
To have you as my sister, God has been incredibly gracious!
How much, much, much I praise Him!
How much, much, much I love you both!


Emily said...

Precious and sweet and beautiful--I love this post, Kay!! Aren't sisters the best?? :)

LOVE you!

Hannah said...

Thank you, Kayla! That was so sweet! You're the best! I love you and praise Him for giving me such a wonderful sister as you! Love you so much! :)

Laura said...

Love you both!! You girls are the amazingest...