Jan 5, 2010

A Page From the Life of a Writer . . .

It's hard to be a writer.

A lot of people love it.

Some write because they love it . . .

Others write because they hate it.

This doesn't make sense, but neither do writers.

Here is the proof:

They choose the most unlikely of people for their stories, the ones who are of little significance to world.

They adore them, love them with every inch of their being! Yet they make them suffer the most abominable of fates. Their past is torn to shreds, their future is blotched out with a series of unfortunate events, their family killed or torn apart.

Yet every writer you talk to will swear they love their hero/heroine with all their heart!

Suffice to say, I love my characters very much, too!


It is only thirty degrees today.

The sky is blue.

I love and am loved.

I'm going to heaven.

Someday I shall get to meet Joshua, the son of Nun.

I am a writer, but not insane--yet.

I'm very thankful for the above.


The end


Kelsey said...

Haha! This post makes me happy. I agree. ;)

I think I'm one of the confused few who write because they hate it. Hmm.

Nah, don't go insane, it's overrated. :D

Laura said...

Happy that you're happy... and happy that I'm happy myself!!! :)

Love you so--- devoured your letter today. ;)

Hannah said...

I so love you, Kakes! :)

ForeverFan said...

I agree with Kelsey on the over-ratedness of insanity, it's a much used word these days, too much used I think. ;)

And I would fall into the non mentioned category of "Those Who Dislike Writing And Therefore Don't Do It". ;)

Kayla said...

I'm glad it makes you all sooooo happy! :D

I don't plan to go insane! :D I just thought NaNo would help with that a little bit! ;)

And I agree. Insanity is becoming overrated--everybody needs something to blame, and it seems as though insanity gets it all! :D

Kate said...

*giggles* I'm a mix of writing because I love it and writing because I hate it. :P

What about going crazy? Using a synonym, ya know. :P

Nina Hansen said...

Beautiful post, Kayla! *hugs* I love your reasons for happiness.

Though I must say being insane is actually not the worst fate in the world. It does give one the ability to study facial expressions of relatives and strangers contemplating the level of your madness. Useful for a writer. ;)

Blessings and hugs, dear friend!