Jan 30, 2010


Well . . . actually three live ones!
At around nine o'clock this morning one
of our goats had her first baby! A girl!
As I am told there are now two girls and a boy.
Siblings have already dubbed the boy Jack
and the girls Esther and Silla.
(Not sure of the spelling there. Siblings are quite particular.)
Last night, one of our three female goats, who was pregnant also,
died of what is called Pregnancy Proxima.
One life is taken and another born.
It never ceases to amaze me.
And now I am told that the other
female is starting to have her babies! :D
(Pictures to come!)


Kate said...


Emily said...

YAY! :) Can't WAIT to see the pictures!!! Oh, and btw, I LOVE the new look--the header picture is adorable!!

Love you so much!! And I hope to get my super late email to you soon... ;)

Kelsey said...

Yay! That's wonderful. :) Any particular reason for the names?

Kayla said...

No, I don't think so! Favorites I think. Only Silla is now Danny because he happens to be a boy!

And now we have five! The other two are Ruth and Bree.

Would appreciate your prayers, though! :)

Laura said...

Oh my!! How wonderful!! Baby goats are the cutest ever. :D SOO excited for you all!