Apr 23, 2010


Well, my faithful readers, I've come today with sad news.
My beloved camera was accidentally dropped on its lens and will be sent away to be fixed.
I miss it already! There have been so many things to take pictures of!
The spring is glorious and we've had ever so much rain!
Beautiful green grass and Mum is putting out her cups and starting
seeds for her garden . . . *sigh* I just love the sight of all this green and beauty!
So . . . dear friends, there won't be any pictures for awhile,
except old ones. I hope you won't mind for it
will be a drab, horrible place without pictures,
my blog that is, filled with long, lazy "isms" that are filled with rot
and all such nonsense.
Though some will be good "isms", too.
Anyway, I am very sorry for losing my camera
at such a beautiful time in history!
You will be stuck with words from now on,
until my little life is come back to me.
I hope I won't lose you, too, while she's away!
I love you all so.
Have a wonderful day!

1 comment:

Emily said...

Aw, my poor dear!! I'm going to miss the pictures! :(

Love you!