May 15, 2010

Dakota! Dakota! Where a man stands tall!

Otherwise entitled "This is Home".

Let the record show that:
Yesterday it was 70 degrees
Today is only 58

Yesterday I felt very "summered",
and today have put back on a sweater.
I love Dakota land!
"Even though it's been raining for days and days!"


Emily said...

Mmmm, what a scrumptious picture!!! I l.o.v.e it. And did you edit that on Gimp?? We sooo need to have a Gimp class when you come out to Cali. :)

Love you and thinking about you...

Kayla said...

GIMP is simply marvelous!

Lauri has it, too, I think, so if I can I will gladly help out! :D

Ashley Sebo said...

Well, I had to say I'm looking forward to your visit too!!:)

Hannah said...

Lovely pic, Cakes! I love how you edited it, simply beautiful!