May 4, 2010

What's Your Favorite Color?

I'm working on another post for G Translation and it's coming around. Still working out details with my camera and still haven't been able to send it out. Hopefully soon though! :)
But . . . in the meantime, what IS your favorite color?
Colors are fantastic!
They have their own unique personality,
their own style, their own way of doing things.
Things in my life have their own specific colors. Example: My 19th birthday I would definitely give the color yellow. It was such a sun shiny day, warm and bright, and full of happiness.
People have their own colors, too.
My sister Dawna is a definite turquoise!
Hannah is a joyous pink!
Mom is a wonderful, wonderful dark chocolate brown!
For myself, it is blue.
Strange, when my favorite color is green, but yes, I am blue.
Different things with colors would be books! But it depends on which book.
Christy, by Catherine Marshall, would be a . . . sky blue color, I should think.
Adventures in the North Woods, by Lois Walfrid Johnson, are a brown, too.
And How Do I Love Thee?, by Nancy Moser, is definitely a passion purple!
Now . . . Writing?
*laugh* You want to know what its color is?
Indeed, it is red!
It bleeds the heart and soul, draining it completely!
Yet still there is life, for again and again it returns to me,
and life remains afresh!
With red I scratch it out and begin anew!
Oh, yes! Writing is red!

So what is your favorite color?
What are some of the things you have colored, just in your own mind?


Ashley Sebo said...

Forest Green:)

Thnaks for your email. I'm looking forward to August!:)

Kate said...

Blue. Really bright blue.

Hannah said...

I think you got me right, thank you! :)

I'm sorry you're blue though, I'll try and do my best to cheer you up tonight! :) JK! Yeah, I call you a blue...maybe, minty green might even be better though!