Jun 29, 2010

What an Eccentric Person Should NOT Wear While Washing Dishes:

  1. Yellow rubber gloves
  2. White tank-top
  3. Blue short pants
  4. Tennis shoes
  5. And a pink and brown polka-dot apron
Because if you do, one is subject to sudden bursts of inspiration, out of which comes the question, "Darling little sister, wouldst thou be a dear and take a picture of me?"

And you begin going around, asking everyone, "Don't I look grand, Mother?" Smiling deliciously at them and looking something like this:

Then, you go around blabbing to everyone else that you're going to post it on your blog, and end up being forced to keep promises made while under the subjection of an incomplete brain.
Oh, well. :)
Have a lovely day, anyway!


Kate said...

*laughs* Very nice. ;)

Laura said...

Awwww... you look cute!! ;) I love polka-dot aprons-- I should invest in one.

Laura said...

Oh, and I LOVE your California widget!!! Yay!!!!!

Emily said...

You are so adorable!! :) Man, can't wait till you come out here!!!!! :D


Kelsey said...

1. Love the apron
2. Love the new layout!
3. Love the widget! I'm stealing it!

Anonymous said...

This post definitely takes the cake on originality! :) Super fun :)