Jul 9, 2010

A Sun-shiny day!

Today we traversed to the beach with Grandma, Dad's mom, for our Friday Fry-Days! ;) Oh, and of course we swam, too.

Soaking in the sun and enjoying the cool water!

My spot. :)

My toes! Toes and sand! Inspiration strikes every time you put them together!

Hannah chasing Gabe! He didn't really like the water at first, but he loves it now!

Hannah and her boyfriend, Gabe. :D Don't worry, they were properly chaperoned! ;)

Hayley getting warm after a swim!

It's a beautiful lake! I love the trees and the driftwood! Makes for a beautiful spot for photos!

Another thing I love - sandals in the sand!

More beautiful places!
Hannah and Gabe playing in the water!

Hope you're enjoying your summer, come down for a swim sometime! :D

Happy Summer!

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Anonymous said...

looks super inviting!!!