Sep 8, 2010

V-J Day Celebration

On the 2nd of September(love that name), which is the official signing of the surrender of the Japanese to the allies, my family and I, celebrated our boys coming home! The day they actually surrendered is August 15, 1945, but I was still up and away at that time.

We dressed up in the nearest clothes we had to the fabulous forties fashion! It never goes out of style, does it? Well, not all of us dressed up. Hannah, Ethan, Mom and I did. And yes, I did paint my finger nails red and wore red lipstick! Couldn't resist! It was fantastic! :D I had a wonderful time decorating, putting up banners, tying ribbons and listening to all the great music they had back then! Fabulous! I would feel completely comfortable living a forties life all the time!

Proof that I feel right at home in forties get up!

My soldier man, one of our local heroes!

Ethan thought of the wonderful idea of putting the planes and jeeps, tanks and trucks on the table to add a little more atmosphere! It looked great!

Each chair at the table had a ribbon on it!

Please forgive my fruitless attempts to make the photos look old.
Everything turns out differently than you first planned! :)

I dug out some Reminisce magazines and found an old recipe for this tomato corn salad.
I put in a little too much basil, on account of they wanted fresh basil and we only had dried. But everyone said liked it!

Music: Beautiful Vera Lynn and Songs That Got Us Through WWII Vol. 2.
I was swinging around the kitchen as we fixed supper!

Dearest Mother dressed up, too! Even added the yellow ribbon in her hair!

I put up signs everywhere upstairs! On all the doors and windows I could find!

Oh, the joy! No more war!

Hannah dearest snapped these shots for me.
Thank you, Hannah! They are fabulous!

And the dearest sister herself! She recently got her hair layered,
and curled it for this special occasion. Peoples, you have never seen anything cuter!

Again my soldier boy! Come home at last!

And what of the boys who will never return?

Think of them often, thank God they gave, pray for their families.

And most of all, let them know in their hearts

that they gave their best for Freedom.


Emily said...

Love the red nail polish!!! And the outfits are incredibly adorable. I l.o.v.e the second picture! It has such a fabulous 40's feel to it!!

Anonymous said...

super cool :)