Nov 29, 2010

A Wood be day . . .

November is . . . gone. Tis just up and flown away! I cannot fathom how fast it has gone!

Well, since it's been quite a busy month, there have been scads of things to post about, but I like the day I went up with Daddy and the boys to get firewood in the Hills the best. Lovely day! We rolled the logs, already cut and stacked by the nice forest rangers, down the hill and loaded them up into van and trailer!

It's keeping us very warm on these days where it never gets up past 32 degrees, and spreads a pine aroma throughout the house! *sigh* Have you ever smelled Black Hills pine? No other scent like it in the world!

We went up to Breezy Point and, before all the work began, took a look about the land!

I hadn't ever been up to the top of Breezy Point before! It has a grand view!

Ah, yes! A very grand view, indeed!

Hello Daddy! :D

Aren't those pines magnificent?
If I could but explain to you in simple, human words,
the sound of the wind as it whispers through those trees!
If you could but hear it yourself!
How great is our God for He has given us such beauty!
Not only did He give an ugly world wonders,
but He placed within my heart a melody of Love!

Yes, I love the Black Hills!

A mini-pine. Yup! They grow everywhere.
Except when you transplant them. Funny thing about pines,
they like the Hills better than anywhere else!

William has a new name! Bilby!
His blog is in my links!

Joseph looks right at home with those long, tall pines, doesn't he?

A "coveted" sign of triumph!

Back to work! It is such a blessing to have a chain saw!
Can't imagine what we would have done without it.

The van all loaded up! Next comes the fun part!
Chopping it is my favorite! But I didn't happen to get any pictures of that, you see! ;)
Have a wonderful Christmas!
"Be ye strong therefore, and let not your hands be weak:
for your work shall be rewarded."
2 Chronicles 15:7


Emily said...

I love it!! The title is adorable. :D :D

I love you so much, dearie!!

Glandias the Fox said...

I need to come up with my own pose.

Nina Hansen said...

Great post. I LOVE the photos. Someday I want to see the Black Hills for myself!