Dec 9, 2010

The Little People Who Only Come Out For Christmas

There are some things only the magic of Christmas can bring into being!
There are only a few treasures on which we place the greatest pleasure in the world
because of what the meaning of Christmas has brought to them.
If I could, I'd keep them out all year long!

Little People . . .
Not the little men in green jackets running around with pots of gold,
but the little people that ONLY come out for Christmas!

They have a far greater value than gold!
They always have white Christmas', because they're magic!

They come from a land long forgotten by some, driving their carriages,
bells jingling all the while! They're happy and bright!

Because it's Christmas!

A land where there are still lamp lighters,
lighting each lamp with the hope it make the world a little brighter!

Carolers with lanterns who sing of a Savior's birth
instead of a Santa Claus sleigh!

Here they know the real meaning we celebrate Christmas!

Where they celebrate Christmas all year round!
And keep Christmas well!

Where they're wishes turn to prayers!

And they believe that at midnight on Christmas Eve, animals can talk! ;)
Merry Christmas!

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