Dec 15, 2010

A Random List of Things . . .

1. Christmas Trees and Presents

2. Joseph's New Face (whenever the camera gets in his way)

3. Kittens and Yarn(now I can say my scarf was knit with kitty-love)

4. Dodging Paparazzi

5. Joseph's Birthday Cake

6. Ethan's Inspiration From "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader"

7. The Christmas Tree in Mole's End (our room--Hannah's and mine)

8. Nebraska Huskers

9. Hannah's New Red Coat

10. Preparing the Fruits of Our Labor for the Grand Feast!

11. The Laboring

12. The Overseer of the Labor

13. A Porcupine Egg

14. One Fiery Sunset

15. An Attempt at Art

16. A December Sky

17. The Fields of a Summer Past

18. "Things Half in Shadow and Half Way in Light"

19. Late Autumn Sunshine

"And Mary said,
My soul doth magnify the Lord,
And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour.
For He that is mighty hath done to me great things;
and holy is His name."

Luke 1:46-49


Emily said...

Beautiful post, m'dear! (as always) :D

*I LOVE that verse about Mary. She was an amazing woman.

*Hannah's coat is glorious! And your picture of it was superb! It looks like something straight out of the 40's.

*I love the name for you room--too cute!!

*Your brothers have the same exact reaction to the camera as my brothers do. :D

*I think your scenery pictures were lovely!

*I wish I could give you a biiiiig hug. :)

*Last of all, but most certainly not least, I love you dearly!

Ashley Sebo said...

What pretty pictures, Kayla! I'm sorry, I know I haven't commented in ages but, Buzz is becoming the "latest and greatest" and since I don't fit that category I am sticking to Blogger. Maybe someday, people will find there way back to it...;)

Anyways, I hope your doing well.:) Hugs to you and your sisters.:) Lord bless you!

Tim Brown said...

wow... all i can say is, i feel sorry for mother porcupines...! :)

Laura said...

Hi dearest!!

I love your pictures but they make me want to SEE you so bad I can hardly stand it!!! :)

Merry Christmas! I love you!