Feb 17, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday With Friends!

Yes, the Super Bowl is quite too magnified, yes, sports are worshipped much too much in this country, and yes, the only unquestionable, unsuggestive commercials are the Budweiser ones! But I like football, so does Dad, William and Joseph, and we had a wonderful day with our Pastor's family and their relatives.
We usually go to the school and watch football in Mr. Crowfut's room where there's a cable connection, but our pastor's wife somehow found out about that and invited us to stay after church and watch the Super Bowl together. That was so lovely of them! We had a marvelous time! Church ends about 11:00 and the Super Bowls didn't start until later, so guess what they did for us? They took us out to lunch! For the second time, I might add! They are the most giving people I have ever met! And I praise the Lord for them!
We spent the afternoon playing games with them inside.

First game, "Express Yourself"! I had never played that before,

but it is kind of like "Catch Phrase", which we played after that.
Melissa and Mrs. Tracey were on a team.

It snowed off and on all day long, but it was wet and melted off the roads.
We had a safe drive home.

Emily! I am almost believing that every little girl named Emily
are the sweetest things in the world!

Next, after "Catch Phrase", "Worst Case Scenario".
I must say, that is a very interesting game! :)

But right in the middle of it, they called us into the living room to watch
the Declaration of Independence being read on TV and the game was abandoned!
The Declaration was very awesome!
I was thrilled they were playing it!

But while I was enthralled with watching it,
the girls snuck off to the kitchen to begin making snacks for the afternoon!
When I came into the kitchen, I came upon one of the cutest and most precious sights I have ever seen!
All the little girls, and Hannah and Mrs. Tracey,
were bustling about the kitchen chattering and laughing, having the most wonderful time making those delicious snacks! I took pictures because little girls in the kitchen helping out is a rare sight and I loved seeing them there!
Cute little Emily waved a fork at every male entering the vicinity and commanded,
"Stay out of the kitchen!"
Oh, they made these most wonderful snacks! Ham lunch meat, slathered in cream cheese and rolled over a dill pickle! First time I've ever had something like that and I thought they were delicious! A strange combination of tastes, completely incompatible from each other, but very VERY tasty!

And the Packers won! Hurray! Good for them! Nice defense, etc, and all that hullabaloo---but I was cheering for the Steelers.

We had a good time anyway! :)

Thank you, Pastor and Family, for a wonderful day!

It was filled with such good, wholesome things:

Fellowship, love, little children, laughter, family stories, and hospitality!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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Emily said...

I *love* the post, hon!! It always makes the day ten times sweeter when you post. :)