Mar 14, 2011

If Blog Comments Were a Conversation, Would They Make Sense?

I haven't the silliest idea! :D But--something to think about, is it not? ;)

Thanks for the comments over the years, everyone! :) You've commented a total 516 times, and you're some of the dearest people in all the world! I am extremely honoured that you chose to comment here! These are just a few from . . . years ago up to today! Comments that make me laugh, happy, and all around glad that I know you!

The very FIRST comment on my blog! EVER!
1. Lovely post, Kay!! I'm so glad you finally have a blog! :P
Love ya!
By Emily on Beginnings... on 7/12/08
2. Hang it all, Blogger ate my comment. If I remember properly it went something like this:

YAYAYAY! Is this really Dutch? #23 on the List of Random Things that Make Alyosha Happy is One of Her Friends Getting a Blog. So all manner of congratulations to you. :P And yes indeed, welcome to the blog-world!

And lovely pictures--I really like the one of the mirror, and the road ones. :)
By Alyosha on Oh the Joy of Randomness! on 7/14/08

3. "....on Jesus' strong arm, where no tempest can harm, Secure in the Haven of Rest."
Praise the Lord! Thank you for sharing this song, Kayla!
Love, Denielle
By Jonathan and Denielle Johnson on Beginnings... on 7/12/08

4.If there's onething I miss about South Dakota, it's the sunsets. Just beautiful, aren't they? =)
By Beth Stockman on God's Glorious Splendor on 8/15/08

5. Man, I know what it's like to film parts of a movie that you'll never finish. We had a pretty hilarious political movie half-way made.
And wow, that looks fun. Camping in the rain is cool. It gives it a more secluded, wild feeling. The Lord knows I've done it enough. :)
By Kyle Stevens on Lost my heart in the Black Hills! on 8/23/08

6. I can definitely see that "crank" up camper shaking and jiggling. Of course, I'd be in there singing the song myself.
What, fun you all must have been having!
By Beth Stockman on Lost my heart in the Black Hills! on 9/3/08

7. Oh fun!! I was having flashbacks looking at these :)
I miss you soooooo much soooo bad!
By Liz Brown on Friends Forever, Friends to Stay on 9/6/08

8. Wow, you change your layout a lot. haha. This one is v. pretty. :D
My dad told us about the napkin thing a while ago too--isn't it awesome? I love those seemingly-insignificant -but-really-not details.
By Alyosha on The Folded Napkin on 9/20/08

9. Love it, love it, LOVE IT, Kayli! :)
By Laura on The Wind by Robert Louis Stevenson on 10/10/08

10.Yahoo on the mighty hunters!!! That's great! Hope you can get yours too, Kayla. :) Love from Denielle :)
By Jonathan and Denielle Johnson on Hunting Season Begins...Joy! :) on 11/9/08

11. BTW, I love your song of the day! :) Yeah for Newsies and "Santa Fe" (and David! :D)
By Laura on Tis the Season! on 12/8/08

12. OH, Kayli, what fun you have been having! Dawna's Christmas party looks enchanting-- lovely theme idea. I was this close to getting Liz the Newsies soundtrack for Christmas... lucky Hannah. ;) And mattress sledding looks like an absolute blast.

13. Love all the new pictures, girl. Love you!
By Laura on Winter Days on 12/27/08

14. Haha! Lovely pics and tell Joesph VERY cool sword! :)
By voice-of-aslan on A Sword and His Boy on 1/4/09

15.Wow, lots going on. Exciting. :D Young Chautauqua sounds like SO much fun; I'd love to do something like that.

16.I guarantee that I am worse with sewing machines than you are. LOL.
By Alyosha on Yes, I'm Still Here! :) on 1/19/09

17. Ditto! The only thing that seemed to be missing was chocolate! ;) Lovely post, girl! Love you!
By Dawna on A Few of my Favorite Things...(Well, a lot of my f... on 2/7/09

18. what a great storm! Makes you want to turn on Christmas music all over again right? :) just kiddinG!! :)
By Jonathan and Denielle Johnson on Um...lovin' the snow? on 3/25/09

19. Wonderful pictures, Kaylee! My favorite is Ethan's!!! That boy's living in our house!?!? *Screams* Run away!!!!!
By Hannah on Time to Picture it up! :D on 5/19/09

20. Very lovely pictures!!! I bet your excited to graduate!!! Are you? You look very lovely!!(I hope it doesn't freak you out to have that coming from someone you don't know...) Have a lovely week!
By Ashley Sebo on Thank you, Mrs. L! on 4/27/09

21. ALL of the second chapter? EVER? *bawls* Say it ain't so! Love the lamp/snow/light picture (is that really snow?!) and the 30s one. :D
By Kelsey on Hither, Thiter, and Yon on 10/15/09

22. I glared at it. ;) I'm a firm member of the NoSnowTillDecember club.
By Nina Hansen on Are you ready for Christmas? on 10/14/09

23. Awwwwwwww! The cats are sweet. And that one of them has got something related to Newsies in their name is just cool. ;)
By Hannah on A Promise Renewed to Welcome Autumn's Chill! on 10/1/09

24. Oh, I love the last one!! Tell your mom she is a lovely lady. I see where you girls get your looks. :)
By Nina Hansen on Mother Dearest, Love You Muchest on 12/18/09

26. Oh my word!! Did you say Gouda cheese?? That stuff is the bestest. :) Looks like all of you had a blast!! Tell Dawna she should be an interior decorator and caterer, too. :D
By Emily on Nutcrackers, Sweet Treats, Gouda Cheese... on 12/30/09

27. Haha! This post makes me happy. I agree. ;) I think I'm one of the confused few who write because they hate it. Hmm. Nah, don't go insane, it's overrated. :D
By Kelsey on A Page From the Life of a Writer . . . on 1/5/10

28. "MY OH MY!" I could actually vision that. You have truly been blessed with a gift. Your writing is inspiring. You have a way of painting a picture that only a chosen few can do!! Keep on writing! You are on an awesome journey!
By tracey on A Mad, Mad, Mad March on 3/5/11

29. I really enjoyed getting to meet you, Kayla, and to spend a little time together! :-) Love you!
By Rachel Stevens on "A friend loveth at all times . . . " on 9/1/10

30. Kay, dear, I'm kicking myself for not seeing this until today...everything just got so busy that by the time I got a chance to check out your blog again, this post was in the "older posts" section of your blog . . . One of these days, Em and I are going to go on a road trip...just be wary, 'cuz it's a comin'. I can't WAIT to see you and dear Lauri again. Love MUCHES and TOTES AND BUNCHES, Lolly (You know, the Stevens had a bunny named died of heat stroke and obesity...) :)
By Lois on "A friend loveth at all times . . . " on 10/15/10
31. wow... all i can say is, i feel sorry for mother porcupines...! :)
By Tim Brown on A Random List of Things . . . on 12/18/10

32. Whoa. How perfect is that.
By Kelsey on "You stayed long enough at this mountain . . ." on 1/5/11

33. Truly beautiful! Our GOD is great!
By Emily on Poetry on 2/1/11

God bless all!


Emily said...

What an adorable idea! I like it. :) I might have to try something like that one of these days. :D

Love you, dearie!!! Thanks for having a blog to comment on. :D It's amazing!

Laura said...

I love that idea. :) SO much fun to read these. Love you up to the moon and back...