Apr 18, 2011

20th Birthday Tid-bits

Suffice it to say twenty is not bad at all! My twentieth birthday is probably my favorite so far! And it isn't nearly as old as some people think it is. My dearest friend, Laura, sent me a most wonderful, delightfulest present! "In remembrance of all our past tea parties!" She said it much more eloquently than that, though. It was a basket of delicious Earl Gray tea, which happens to now be my most favorite, a jar of lemon curd, a jar of marmalade, and a Gluten Free biscuit mix which was the absolutely most thoughtful thought of all! I always consider it so amazing when friends take the time to remember that little detail of our lives! Plus a gorgeous smelling bottle of hand cleanser! Mmm! Joseph asked the first time I used it, "Is that someones gum?" It does taste good enough to eat!
Thank you, Lauri! From the bottom of my heart!

I wish I could hug you so tight right now!

Oh, plus the most delicious Ghiradelli Carmel chocolates you could ever have eaten!

Oh, yum! Earl Gray is the perfect tea for these rainy spring days!

It's the curl-up-with-a-blanket-by-the-window-and-a-good-book

sort of tea.

Hannah put her magic baking powers to work and made spectacular scones

covered in cinnamon. We had the most beautiful tea party at lunch on my

birthday and that afternoon I got another wonderful

birthday surprise from loving Emmi Anne!

I'm going to wear it for Easter Sunday and get a picture of it!

I love it, Emmi! I'm still wondering how on earth you made me the perfect size!

It fits EXACTLY!

Sorry I don't have a picture of it yet!

The scones were terribly good with lemon curd slathered onto them!

I think I had . . . five?

*begins a list of things to have at the tea party of Brown and Updike and Weston!*

Did I mention that tea pots are the most lovely artsy things in the world?

Birthday Music: Simple Gifts: Mandolin Favorites

Birthday Cake: A tower of gluten free chocolate cupcakes with carmel gloop instead of frosting. A lovely alternative to a cake, I assure you!

Cupcake stands: Mother's grand discovery! Painted brown on gold, and gold on brown! And the little doilie flower thing from Melissa Lee Beautifully.

Decorations: Wide gold wire ribbon curled along the length of the table. Dried wheat and sunflower stems, with cream colored and white buttons for accents!

A gold candle stick with hanging prisms.

Place at the table.

A jar of wheat and old phone I found out in a shed!

A side table with just a few of my favorite things.
Brown and cream crepe flowers from Country Living set on the window sills.

Country Living sign from Hobby Lobby.

An old dress of Mom's that just plain looked pretty!
Birthday Banner: Wire hanger with strings and letters, also from Country Living.
Pumpkin and vanilla scented candles on the window sill.
Dried sunflower boughs.

Birthday candle glow!
Favorite Birthday present: Overalls!
Food: Baked chicken with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes and cream style corn!

It was a quiet day, full of loveliness and magic that birthdays so often bring! A sweet day and quite fantastic! Families always throw the best birthday parties!

Thank you to everyone else who made the day so special!

Love, Kayla


Emily said...

Oh, I'm so happy to hear that you had such a wonderful birthday! And you looked gorgeous!!!! I loved how you did you hair, your outfit, everything! :) I just plain love YOU!!


9browns said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Kayla
Love you,

Laura said...

I love you totes and totes!!!

... me

Liz Brown said...

Aww all the decorations were so chic and shabby and ... country living-esque :) Happy birthday sweetie!

The pictures were so good too. Such talent.

Savories of Life said...

I am glad you ahd a happy birthday. i too love had a birthday nto too long ago and we are kind of close in age. You amy like my blog as I have a post that makes me think of tea parties.

Nina Hansen said...

WAH! I missed your birthday! How did I do that?? Oh yes, we were in the middle of moving... this makes me sad. :( Happy birthday about a month late! watch out for that tricky 20 - an awful lot can happen. Just look at me. :)

I'll be sending you a little something shortly...