Apr 7, 2011

Back to Bookish

I know this old blog has suffered many things, especially my rants and raves, but the template changes I've put it through have, without a doubt, been the worst. Yes, dear blog people, another layout make over. I've gone from elegant to bookish and grunge . . . again. Neither are terrible in the least, but the complete contrast between lovely, pastel and scrolly to browns and earthy substances ought to be enough to shock one to smithereens! I'm sure you're dead from the phrase, "Variety is the spice of life." I don't find it necessary at this point to jump into a wild frenzy of hysteria shouting, "Yes! Oh, yes! I'm a firm believer in variety! I adore variety!" I'm sure if I did you would die.

I think I'm going to live in there --->

. . . someday.

I've lately discovered Tumblr. What a miraculous thing!

It's so lovely--why hasn't anyone told me about it before?

Oh, never mind, don't answer. I know why.

But it's--it's so full of color and--things I never knew I liked until I saw them and thought, "Ah! Now that is what I like!"

And there are scads of people who like what I didn't know I liked, too, and to think! I didn't know them or that we liked the same things!

Books, especially books! To waste hours and hours running your fingers up and down the shelves upon shelves of books! To pick up ones that look interesting and say, "Ooo! I never knew they had a book about that!" Oh, the glory! I'm glad I don't get to the library very often. It makes each visit much more daunting and red-letter!

To all things new and original! With a musical flare is Always good. Do tell me if you find someone who hasn't seen this picture and thought up the idea to use an old guitar case for book storage. I should very much like to meet that person!

And typewriters! . . . especially typewriters. It was Brian Jacques who said . . . something about rather writing on an old typewriter or long hand, and that it was better than anything else!

I agree, and I would use one, too, if I shared his joy in having one.

To stand in the rain and leap through the mud puddles is something common, which everybody does, or at least wants to do. There is something in us grownups, and I know there is even if you don't do it, that wants to come down SMACK! with both feet right in the center of a mud puddle. We're just all worried about our shoes and feet and getting wet, I suppose.

But to walk through the rain and take each jump with someone by your side--that is a rare joy. Indeed, to clasp the warmth of another inside your palm and smile, those are few and far between.

This picture, incidently, isn't from Tumblr, though I'm sure it ended up there somewhere. I found it while stocking the pages of friends' friends Facebook walls.

Haunting complete strangers blogs, tumblrs, walls and flickrs is, to say the least, DELIGHTFUL!


Emily said...

I love the brown!! It's so rich. :) And the guitar case/book shelf is adorable!

Kelsey said...

I love Tumblr, I love this layout and I love this post! (I also love creeping, as you said, but somehow that doesn't quite seem to fit with the other stuff :P) Do you have Tumblr? I feel like it would be a good fit for you :P Do let me know if you ever get it...one...whatever.

If I ever have a spare guitar case lying around I know what I'll be doing with it...


Kelsey said...

I don't think my other comment went through...sorry if you got it twice.

I can see how you and Tumblr would get on very, very well; why didn't I think of that before? ;) Do you have an account/tumblr blog/whatever? do let me know if you ever get one :)

Guitar-case bookcases are my favourite. (No, I hadn't ever seen that before you posted it. Still my favourite :P)

Lovely new layout and lovely post! Yay for creeping in order to find beautiful things :P

Liz Brown said...


Love that first picture. It looks like bliss.

Isn't it great to poke through everyone elses creativity.