Aug 11, 2011

A Writer's Post

I love Tumblr.
It understands writers.
Especially writers!
Currently in the middle of
a very wonderful, horrible,
lovely, encouraging, desperate
world of The Depression.
Writing a story about a little girl
and her older brother Jesse.
And a fighter.
I have title for it!
Which is a good thing!
It's depressing when you can't call
something you love by its rightful name!
But the eternal struggle is waxing difficult indeed!
I love it!
Yes. I know. I guess I'm a writer.
Current Interest: Boy and Girl Tramps of America
by Thomas Minehan
He was a sociologist who dressed as a hobo
and rode the rails with hundreds of children
who had left home because of hard times.
Lovely! Lovely!

Love, Kayla


Kelsey said...

yay! I love hearing about your stories. :) What's the title, if I may asked?

That books sounds FASCINATING...really really hope my library has it!

Are you doing NaNo this year?

Kayla Marie said...

And I like hearing about YOUR stories! ;) Uh, well, the title is confidential, I have told you too much already!

I can't wait to read that book!

Yes. I'm planning NaNo. I'm attached! But I'm also hunting in November. Unless we get unusual cold weather in October. :) But I will try.