Sep 3, 2011

It's an in between . . .

I loved it today.
This morning I left, all clean, ready for work.
Tonight I arrived home, and I loved the feeling as I walked inside.
A cool breeze floated through the open windows.
Not quite autumn, not quite summer.
A chicken cooked in the oven,
canned goods lined the counters.
And bread. French bread!
Today made me think of the phrase "reading between the lines".
The feeling . . . I can't even describe it.
Dawna and I discussed this feeling.
She asked Ethan today, "Can you feel that?"
And without needing an explanation, he said,
"Yes. I can feel, I can see it ,and hear it, and taste it."
Then Dawna and I decided.
Today was an in between.
Not quite summer, not quite autumn.
Like the lines separating rows of words,
Today separated the summer from the autumn,
a mixture of the two.
Beautiful, sunny,
Breezy, cool.
It wasn't just like yesterday,
and I didn't love it the same.
I loved it more . . .

1 comment:

Laura said...

That's beautiful, Kayla. I feel the same way. Autumn is coming-- hip hip hooray!!