Oct 16, 2011

"Of course it's happening inside your head, but why on earth should that mean it is not real?"

Oh . . . should I tell you? Or do you already know? Would you like to know? Do you already know but would not like me to tell you? Do you already know and wouldn't kill me if I told you again? Do you not know and do not want me to tell you?

Let's just get this over with quickly. *DEEEEP breath* It'sNationalNovelWritingMonth. *grimaces, waits for the roars, the trampling feet* May I assume that since neither of these things happened you already knew and won't kill me? :D

Yes, dear friend, in fifteen days it will be that time again . . . NATIONAL NOVEL WRITING MONTH!
I feel like jumping up and down, shouting and cheering for joy! The only reason that I can't do this is that it's nine-thirty at night and most of the household is asleep or in bed already. And the other reason is . . . I haven't a thing to write! *weeps* My third NaNoWriMo and for the first time I can't decide how to do what I love best!

Well, I do know how, but I'm confused as to what form I should put it in. Should it be the form of an Irish girl searching for her father midst England during World War Two or a world where owls are either your mortal enemies or loyal friends? Or something different altogether?
Friend---I DON'T KNOW!

It's better than the first week in October, I guess, when I first realized NaNo wasn't months and months away like I thought, when my jaw hung in mid air when Momma asked me what I was going to write. It's better---I suppose. Not much, though. Oh, well. :) At least I have my Writer's Box now, to carry along with me wherever I go. It'll be alright. I think . . .

---those lovely Kelsey words describing so eloquently the mutual feeling of all NaNo-ers at this time, and a few other words for inspiration:

Sixteen days!
(Why I’m so excited for an event that has me wailing “I HATE MY STORY, I HATE WRITING, I HATE MY LIFE, NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN” every November 30th is beyond me)

"Of course it's happening inside your head, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?" Unknown

"Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way." Booker T. Washington

"Come friends, it's not too late to seek a newer world." Alfred, Lord Tennyson

"Writers may be disreputable, incorrigible, early to decay or late to bloom, but tey dare to go it alone." John Updike

"Adapt your style, if you wish, to admit the color of slang or freshness of neologism, but hang tough on clarity, precision, structure, grace." William Safire

"One should never write down or up to people, but out of yourself." Christopher Isherwood

"As you read my stories of long ago I hope you will remember that the things that are truly worthwhile and that will give you happiness are the same now as they were then. Courage and kindness, loyalty, truth, and helpfulness are always the same and always needed." Laura Ingalls Wilder

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Kelsey said...

Yay! A Kayla post! A NaNo post!

(The Unknown quote is from J.K. Rowling...it wasn't originally talking about writers but it fits us RATHER well, doesn't it? :D I really like those Booker T Washington and Tennyson quotes too...nice.)

And I vote for the WWII story...but you could have guessed that ;) Sounds most intriguing. :D

15 days! Bring on the MADNESS!