Dec 17, 2011

Canon Rebel T3

How to begin a post about one of the most exciting things ever happened to me! God is so good! As I sat in the car opening up the big white box I sang His praises up and down!

He answers prayers! He fulfills dreams!
It's so wonderful how He planned for me.

Since about May I've been saving and saving, but things have needed to be paid for
and here and there the savings were taken away. But not until November, when I looked at the new Sam's Club magazine, did I see the best thing! A bundle sale for a Canon! Complete with carrying back and an extra 75-300 mm lens! Holding my breath I looked down at the dates. Valid through 11/27/2011 to 12/31/2011.

Oh the chills rushing through me!
I showed Mom the advertisement and found she had seen it too and wanted to show me! I love my mom! She knows what's important to me!

I'm so thankful that God planned it out so I saved just the amount I needed in time for the deal!
I--I'm speechless! I'm amazed! I'm so very thankful!

All the praise to God!
I bought it yesterday on a Christmas shopping trip to town and needless to say
I've been taking pictures ever since.

As my family said they'll never see me with my Rebel close by! :)
So far they haven't. I was even tempted to put it beside my bed last night.
But, knowing I would probably take it out and snap pictures past midnight, I left it on the desk. :) Right after breakfast, though, out it came and I've been taking pictures ever since!


Liz Brown said...

Hurray YOU! and wow what a blessing! I expect lots more pictures on the blog now. :D

And, very nice header!

Laura said...

OH, I am SO happy for you darling!!! It gives me chills up and down my spine that God blessed you with such a marvelous gift. Hurray and huzzah and congratulations!!!