Jan 11, 2012

From an afternoon . . .

I named her Toi, this new camera of mine.
Cameras are usually boys to me, but! Toi is Toi and I rather like her!
Kayla's Toi. I wish you could see how big of a smile I'm wearing.

Things I often hear these days:
"Kayla, may I play with your Toi?"
"Where's your Toi? Don't you have it with you?"
"Aren't you going to take Toi with you to babysitting, Kayla?"
"I didn't think you'd want to be without her for so long!"
I love our family.

A wonderfully long, yummy post about our adventures in Candy Land this Christmas is in the works! Hannah already has a lovely post up, if you'd like to drop by!

And did you know that the Dutch are the tallest people in the world? I found that out! Pretty neat. Know why? Well, some say it's all the dairy they eat, all that calcium is good for your bones. Drink up!

Young Chautauqua starts tomorrow! I'm so happy! Full house! I'm going to be Jane Austen. I missed it so much last year and I, sadly, had to face the fact I would never be able to find another Sophie Scholl. Jane had been on my mind, her wit, her writing, her curious self. I looked out the window one day when I wasn't even thinking about it and I decided I would be dear Jane, dear friend Jane. So a stack of novels has accumulated on the floor of my room.

Someday soon I shall finish my NaNoWriMo novel and the other one sitting in a folder on Chip, my flashdrive, and read Krysti and Kelsey's novels, too, and beg an autographed copy from them when they are published.

I'm off!

Love, Kayla


Emily said...

Ooo, breathtaking pictures!! I especially love the one of you...so beautiful. For some reason, when I saw the picture, I immediately thought WWII, 40's, classy, feminine beauty. You look like you just stepped out of one of those black and white pictures into now days.

Krystina said...

I'm touched you'd want an autographed copy of my little novel... truly I am. :D Maybe someday you shall get it. ;-)

Ashley Sebo said...

Very glad to hear your enjoying your camera! The pictures are very nice! Isn't it such a blessing to have your own personal camera!!

Did you get the card we sent you?? Hopefully it made it to you all!:)

Lord bless you! Hugs!

Laura said...

love the post! :D

I wish I could see the smile on your face too!

9Browns said...

beautiful pictures, beautiful girl--who looks so much like her beautiful mom!

Mrs Brown