Jul 1, 2012

Where I'm From . . .

I am from school work on the kitchen table, from fresh baked bread, and legos in the living room. I am from the dusty brown house with a tin roof and a box of seasons always out front. I am from rambling garden vines and the apple tree by the window.

I am from blue Christmas trees for Grandpa and proud smiles for our homelands never seen, from Dawna and Hannah sisters and little brothers outside. I'm from friends who will always be sisters. I'm from popcorn on Sunday nights and waiting for kitties to be born and from piles of laundry to fold.

I'm from "girls are mommies and boys are daddies" and "mommies and daddies love each other forever". I'm from playing wedding and fighting Indians on the Oregon Trail, tugging our pull wagon with imaginary horses.

I am from prairies and tall brothers with the Dutch in them. Little Smokies on Christmas morning and nut cups at Thanksgiving.

From my Grandma meeting Clark Gable during WWII, and knew about the Japanese Internment man who took care of the railroad.

From Daddy's pocket watch and Mama's jewelry box that looks like a treasure chest, and Mama and Daddy on their wedding day. 

I'm from the Jesus on Resurrection Day, Who made the trees and the sky, and brought tears to my eyes with His love.

I'm from Mama and Daddy always telling me they love me before I sleep.


Laura said...

Love it, darling. It reminds me of sitting on Dawna's bed in the yellow enchantment of her room-- all a-tangle of jeans and socks and thoughtful fingers writing. :)

Miss you!

Liz Brown said...

This made me smile inside. I love reading what you write. :)

afargreencountry said...

Aww, this makes me want to do one of these (I started, but it got waaaay too cheesy lol). Yours is beautiful. Can't choose a favourite part. :)

also, your card came in the mail not very long ago! That was a happy day. Crazy girl, yes. I appreciated it very much indeed ;) And "Keep calm and carry on," that is perfection.

The Five Dancing Princesses said...

That is amazing. Period. I would write one, and might try, but it could never be as beautiful.