Aug 29, 2012

"The odd thing about people who had many books . . . "

" . . . was how they wanted more." Patrica A. McKillip

Yes. Very much indeed!
A few months ago, way back in June, which seems ages ago now, Mama and William brought home a car load of books. Books! Isn't it lovely! A homeschool family was selling them, but giving them away free to other homeschoolers. Its so nice!

 Oh the joy! When they brought in two huge boxes my heart leaped within me, and suddenly I heard this wonderful music ringing in my soul!

 Everything went into the dining room and Mama, with a lovely grin on her face for having made a daughter very happy and excited, began piling things on the table, showing me all the sorts of books I would have loved to own but never would have bought just for the sake of buying them. "Look at this, Kayla!"
"Oh, and this one!"
"Now somewhere . . . I wanted to show you something . . . oh, there it is!"
And then we would laugh in delighted giggles at all the loveliness.

 I just read this one. I have a new favorite book because of it.

 Mama loves to read, and she brought home books she read when she was a little girl. I love it when she does that! I can't wait to read "Strawberry Girl" and "Cotton in My Sack".
 Book sales are so wonderful because you find books that aren't in libraries any more or cost a fortune online! Ah! This splendid life.

 Stacks accumulated all over the table. I must have circled the table a million times looking at the all, and every turn revealed something new!

Old books, old books are my favorite. I love their deep colors with black print and the browned pages with typewriter looking words. I love the blank covers which leave you to your imagining things much better than ones with pictures. Silas Marner. One of my favorite stories, too.

We needed another copy of Lorna, and "Magical Melons" was a childhood favorite I do not remember! So I shall delve deep into my childhood once again and want to be like Caddie again and troop along with my brothers on their adventures!

I do not know who this homeschool family was, but they certainly liked good books! Books of history! Books I wanted to read again!

 Oh! HOW did Mama know? Sometimes I think she just knows things! This book has been on my wish list for ages! How did she know to bring it home to me? How? I never tell people things like that. Oh, the blissful music ringing in my ears started all over again when I found this!

 The one thing about bringing all these books home was that is lengthened considerably the long list of unread books I already have on my shelves . . . Hmmmm. Oh well! Joys to look forward to!

 This is my stack, quickly accumulating more! Plus more. And more. Then a lot more!

 The books stayed scattered across the table for almost a day. And the music soared every time I passed it!

 That night, I sprawled across my bed with lamplight and Toi to look at my treasures. Part of the joy of owning and reading books is being able to look at them, their assorted colors, how they sit on your shelf. Just holding a treasure, like a seashell, something from another land. Even if I don't read them all, I know something for certain, I'll always want more. It's like holding good things forever keeping books. They'll never go away. Always be their same good selves.

And for anyone interested, this is the music I heard ringing in my soul: Homecoming


Liz Brown said...

I like this post.

I love rooting through thrift stores and garage sales and library sales and ANYwhere they're selling books. Laura and I discovered an amazing bookstore the other week ... you would love it!

Krystina said...

Those are some lovely books. :D

afargreencountry said...

OH! Best carload of anything, ever! enjoy, enjoy. And I am squinting to see every title over here--Speare and Shakespeare and The Endless Steppe! Good stuff :D

(Haha, so not surprised that you liked Tuck Everlasting--it is so your sort of book. :))

And Thomas Bergersen=win.

The Five Dancing Princesses said...

Oh goodness gracious what a delightful haul! Rosemary Sutcliff, and Daddy-long-legs, and Strawberry Girl, and Carry On Mr. Bowditch, which I've always suspected I should read...

Congratulations on your lovely acquisitions! : D
- ladyadeone on LJ