Sep 25, 2012

"Summer's Last Hurrah"

Oh summer's gone a weeping
Dry tears to the end of her days
Oh summer's not sung the song
Of sweet rain and happy ways

She’s gone for the pure sunlight
Falling in love once again
For summer’s fickle heart
Dried up the tears of rain

And so the stream ran empty
The field turned brown her doors
While mountains looked down proud
On wilting foothills and floors

But now her length of days
Have wasted complete away
Now she knows she has no time
On this closing summer day

She looks upward to the sun
But summer has no tears to cry
No comfort from the sunlit rays
For sunlight’s rays are dry

So summer gives us one last day
To bid her leaves good-bye
One last day to wait for autumn
Her one last chance to cry

But summer's gone a weeping
Dry tears for her dear June
The warming rays of sunlight’s love
Have melted away too soon

This was our summer. Drought and fires. Heat and dry fields. No mercy. I know it is sad and sounds too cruel for a poem. But I wanted to remember this summer, for all its hardships. And I wanted to look back and smile upon it someday. To thank it. For the beauty in the coarse and brittle grass stems and the red suns through a haze of smoke, for the making of art of something frightening and scary. For the rippling of heat waves on the road that make you think of oceans. For cool lakes and sunburns turning your skin pink. For the fear because it makes God so much more real. All is grace.

Love, Kayla

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