Mar 12, 2013

A yarn for the day . . .

A friend came to the hospital when Hannah was sick. Crohns Disease. Surgery. Nineteen days in the hospital.
This friend brought a pair of long silver needles, and this skein of yarn. I don't remember the color, but it really didn't matter, 'cause the color in Hannah's cheeks burned bright after days of this pale white color, and she sat up in bed, even with a tube down her nose.
And the friend taught her, made the needle skip and click and Hannah's hands dance. And she gave her something to go on with. So she didn't leave anything behind in that hospital. This friend gave a gift to someone in need, and it's not silent. Not now. 
We knitted for the joy of it, this joy our friend gave. And I wanted to spread the joy. I didn't want to keep it all my own. So mama found this blog, and she said there's a Scarf Project. She does it every year. A girl named Ashley, and Stay at Home Daughter. And they send the scarves all over the world, to keep people warm, to show them we care.
So I did it. How could I not? When this joy with no words keeps spilling out of me? She wanted 80. I said 7 I would send her, but I got 13. A whole big box. 
And what do you think happened? This. Nearly 400 hundred scarves came for people in Burundi and two other countries! Is this joy? Joy unconfined!


Katie said...

You are such a blessing, dear one!
Love you, Mom

Kelsey said...

Oh my goodness, this is the coolest! Good for you--and the scarves are beautiful :D

Krystina said...

Those scarves are lovely! And, since long ago now you made me one (of the grandest shade of blue yarn), I know they will be warm and soft. :)

Ashley@ stay-at-home daughter said...

Thank you for sharing this amazing story!