Jun 19, 2013

Drug-bustin' Babysitters

Laura came for a visit. Yes, you can hear my smile in that, can't you?
We had a Peter Rabbit party and went for long walks on the road, chased the moon through the grasses, and had a photoshoot.
But first things first. 
On the day after she came, after all the hugs, and carrying bags in, we went babysitting. And this was no normal babysitting day, I'll tell you what!
Laura was the favorite from the moment she arrived. 
Owen just had to show her how strong he was, the first thing he said to her, "Look how strong I am!" and picked up Mommy's ten pound weight.
And after that, it was Laura all day long. And he didn't waste time getting dressed that morning, or sit forever in his room buck naked, playing with cars. There was a new girl in town, and Hannah and I, meh, old news. :) 

Waiting for breakfast. Talking non-stop. And "Can she sit by me?"
"Her name's Laura, Owen."
"Can Laura sit by me?"

 Me snapping away, because it was the cutest thing how Owen just loved Laura instantly!
"Owen, why aren't you smiling?"
"Cause I don't like pictures."

 Tate, Tato, Tater. So precious. Sat in his high chair happily. And of course who can resist a happy baby so we got him out to hold him.

 Haylee B. In her brother's shirt and a diaper. How she lives mostly. In big brother's clothes and hair all wild, and a cute little voice saying "cheese", meaning please,"day-zoo" meaning "thank you".

 Brylee Boo, and her, "Oh whoa, what's that?" face.

 Pancakes for breakfast!

 Haylee loved being fed by Laura so she didn't have to get all sticky. Hates getting sticky. Worst thing in the world getting sticky is! :D

Owen's legos. I took a picture of it once, and then he asked me take another one again.

 Oh, yes. Baby love while the big kids eat.


He loves to bounce in your lap and laugh and laugh while you swing him high.

 Oop, I see a reflection of myself in the stove, gotta check this out. Hang on a sec.

After Owen got dressed in record time, the big thing of the morning was observing his pet fly with a broken wing. They spent quite a long time watching it crawl all over Owen, trying to name it something. I'm---not exactly sure what happened to said fly after Owen got bored. Fly heaven?

Haylee and Hannah talking about something.

 Babies crawling all over the floor. We were more than happy to play with them.

Getting to be about nap time. Bottles up.

 Brylee in no mood for sleep. She has blocks!

 Happy Haylee in little kid skinny jeans and showing us how brave she is. She piles pillows on the floor and jumps off the couch, completely missing them and lands on her rear, that's how brave she is.

 Getting sleepy and finding extreme fascination with these things called arms and legs.

 It was a day for funny Hannah faces, too.

 Making Brylee laugh, and get tired with a little attention. Still not sleepy.

 And still not sleepy again. Oh, she has her blanket. Blanket is good.

 And long about the time the babies were napping, 10:30 am, a State patrol car comes driving up the road and heads down to the corrals where Mr. White and Justin are working. We watch them shake hands, talk, for a little bit, and then the patrolman drives away, and we each wonder out loud what that was about.
Not long after, Mr. White comes inside, a couple of shotguns under his arm, shells in his pocket. I walk in from the hall just in time to hear him ask if any of us have ever shot a shotgun before.
Hannah looks over at me, knowing something is up, and says, "Kayla has."
And Mr. White proceeds to show me how his shotgun works, while I stand there in automatic mode saying, "Okay . . . okay . . . okay."
"I'll put it up here so you can grab it easy."
And when he starts to walk away I just have to ask, "What's going on? Is there a animal on the loose or something?"
"Yeah, there's a drug bust going down from the casino."
After further questioning, we find out it actually hasn't happened yet, and that a huge shipment of cocaine and meth and all that, is heading our way in a silver Cadillac with Colorado plates.
The officer told them he was going to stop him right at the bridge below the turn off, and that if he ran, he was going to push him onto their land.
So Mr. White gave us another shotgun when Laura said she could shoot, and locked all the doors and the kids had to stay in doors until the call came to say all was clear.
So it scared the living daylights out of us, pretty much. But we had shotguns. And a plan. We knew exactly what we needed to do:
Hannah was going to take the kids into a back room while Laura and I wielded the shotguns. Hoping we didn't have to shoot anybody, we waited.
When Owen wanted to know why he couldn't go outside, Hannah explained quietly about the bad guy, and he stood on the couch for at least ten minutes looking out the window. "When's the bad guy coming?"
We were glad that three of us were there and not one. What better day to aid in a drug bust with three fearsome babysitters with shotguns on the loose?!

Making faces and watching for the bad guy.

 Mr. White and Justin rode up to the hill to check things out before the expected arrival of the ominous silver Cadillac arrived. Us and the kids had fun watching them. They road around in their red pickup with rifles for awhile while the bust was supposed to be going on.

 Haylee, being pretty and epic and elfish in the light.

Hannah and Owen playing tag. 
We had to have something to do till the bust was over.

 Lunch time! Owen liked spinning him and Laura around on the chair. Hannah made this delicious spaghetti stuff!

 Laura's lap was the hot spot that day! They all just loved her! I sure don't blame them! Love you, Lauri dear!

When lunch was over, Haylee in bed and Owen playing elsewhere, we three girls collapsed down the couches and chairs, exhausted. The babies woke up and played nicely on the floor, though we still had fun with them.

 Ever the happy baby. He loves his bouncer!

 Hannah never gets tired of interacting. It's what lifts her up! We had lots of fun laughing when she made Tate laugh!

 Brylee being a big girl, with Hannah helping.

 Pretty rings on Laura's fingers. I like her hands.

 The hot spot or what? Even Callie loved it there.

 Later in the afternoon, Mr. White called and said they caught the drug lord, and we could "stand down" now. Haylee woke up and brought Hannah the Frozen Yogurt with a cute smile on her face. "Do you want some, Haylee?"
And with a cute little jump cried, "Yes!"

Gettin' some Brylee love. Laura's got her baby fix for quite a spell. But she can come back anytime she wants and get some more, k? K.
Laura said later that she loved it that we were such good friends we didn't really have to talk to each other all the time to feel like friends. We could just be quiet and our souls could be attached, and that's how we'd talk.
Later we took a walk out to the tramp, petted the horses, talked with Brylee's grandma, went to the barn, and then went home. So no, we really didn't bust any drugs . . . but we could have . . . ;)
It was a good day. We ended it with Call the Midwife.
We had many more Laura days, so keep on the sunny side, there's more a'comin'!


Laura said...

Love this!! And love YOU!

Katie said...

What fun! and what memories!
Love you,