Aug 20, 2013

The Peter Rabbit Party

We buzzed about the kitchen all morning long, each preparing their own delectable delight for the party. And let me just say there were continuous stops at Pinterest and a heaping pile of dishes about the kitchen when we were done! But we finished and decided to dote upon ourselves for a little. Out to the old house to take pictures. These beautiful girls were my models. 

Pretty white light is my favorite, and there is a never ending amount in the old house.


Then it was back inside in a whirl of activity to finish the last minute preparations! We love cucumber sandwiches!

The darling center piece created by Dawna, the Dearest. Cabbage head and radishes on a plate, with Peter Rabbit himself set atop.

And here are just a few of the delectable delights made for this festive occasion.

Brown bread, the kind Mrs. Rabbit went to the market for.

Blackberry cream cheese spread.

Gluten free flatbread spread with cream cheese and cucumbers! Yes, we do love cucumber sandwiches.

Cream cheese cupcakes.

And of course, chamomile tea.

The favors. Candy in a tulip cup.

Oh, this is the yummy cheese Laura found at Sonny's. Dill cheese. You must have some if you love cheese.

Pinterest find! Point! Bunny tails. Cream cheese mix, rolled in coconut, only I forgot the almond extract. Such a me thing to do!

Decorations! Picket fences, moss, and dirt. What are gardens without these?

Ethan arrived looking just like a yeoman from the English countryside.

Currant scones.

Pretty face laughter! Love your laughter, Laura dear!

Lovely smiles, all round!

Dawna read us Peter Rabbit, by Beatrix Potter, as we sat down to begin our party. The sun shone in afternoon light through the windows and we listened with rapt attention to naughty Peter's adventures into places he oughtn't have gone.

Laura's delicious pie. As you can see, it was a most elegant affair. And we ate and ate and ate! And feeling much like Peter Rabbit himself did at the end of the story, we lazed about the living room the rest of the afternoon, after the dishes were done of course. Oh, how many there were! But in a snap, I think we would do it again!

Much love, 


Laura said...

Love it!!!! :) Such a happy day!

Katie said...

Absolutely delightful!