Oct 18, 2013

Blue Sunset

My sister, my buddy. Can't imagine doing much without you.
And I've shared a room with you all my life. There have been precious few nights your blankets haven't rustled across the room in the dark. We wandered out one night and took pictures. Just a few. The evening was so blue and chill. I haven't had such a cold October before.
I'm glad you're still around to hang lights up with around our room and snuggle in bed to watch old tv shows. I'm glad we're still together, I'm glad you to talk to me about everything, and I'm glad I'm there to listen to your voice.

When we grow up and go away, can we call and text and decorate our first houses together? Please? Can we please stay friends forever and have Thanksgivings at your house? And share Christmas recipes? But truly, it's hard to imagine you not there any more. Let's stay this way, just us, you and me, for a long, long time. Please?


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