Nov 28, 2013

Thanksgiving list:

1. Sunshine streaming warm through our front windows
2. Snow on golden prairie grass
3. Christ's love that knows no ending
4. Those people in the that picture
5. Us, all of us, being art. In it's greatest form
6. Kitties on sofas
7. Hunting
8. Thanksgiving
9. This 
10. Orange jello
11. Pies on counters
12. Pilgrims and printing presses
13. Bravery
14. Courageous words
15. Half hours spent just thanking God
16. Singing
17. The people who still celebrate this day
18. Sisters busy about the house
19. Dreams and late nights with stories
20. Box elder bugs on the sill
Happy Thanksgiving.
It's just one day a year, and it's not a meal, it's not how you feel, it's not family and relatives, or what's half price on shelves in a store. It's who God is. Let's celebrate because of that.


Katie said...

So thankful for you!
Love, Mama

9Browns said...

Lovely picture!

Makes us miss you!
Joan Brown