Dec 9, 2013

When you string cranberries and popcorn, it's for old fashioned Christmases.  You like to think you're a homesteader somewhere with nothing much else to hang on your tree except the land and sky and trees. They still had Christmas anyway.

We strung cranberries and popcorn! And we hadn't done it in years. Needles and thread, popcorn and shiny red berries you love so much. Me, Mama, and sister. Listening to Baroque Christmas carols and Dad and Ethan on youtube learning how to skin a wolf? Yeah. But we were just being real. Just smile with me? And not wrinkle your nose so much? :)


 I love old fashioned things. I love the yellow Pyrex bowls mama got for a wedding present way back when. We still have every single on. I love vintage dresses and doing old things that have been done a million times over. Old white fifties pickups and . . . stringing popcorn and cranberries for Christmas trees.

And here's our prairie Christmas tree. Mine and Hannah's. In an old farm bucket filled with dirt and moss. Made by a mother's hand, and her daughters'. Just as it may have been way back when.

Happy Christmas all.
Jesus is coming.
Look for him at first light on the 25th day. Look to the east at dawn. He'll be there for you.

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Katie said...

Precious memory! Glad I got to share it with you.
Love you,