Apr 25, 2014

Hannah made doughnuts

The yummiest, bestest, sprinkly, gluten free doughnuts in the world. Quite serious there. I like them better than normal doughnuts. You never feel full after eating them, which results in feeling guilty and sinful for eating so many. But you never really regret it.

That was the night Gabe came to spend the evening with us. The skinny little blond kid who makes you wish you could be a kid half so witty.

Around here, we like to take walks up our road in the dark. Sometimes just after the sun has set and leaves a trail of gold and pink on the clouds. Believe me, we've freaked out many a night driver on our country roads. I'm sure our neighbors wonder what kind of people moved in next to them.

 We took Gabe that night. He wore Ethan's red plaid pullover and it hung down well past his knees. He took a bat. To hit the mountain lions if they attacked us, and a flashlight, though the moon shone so bright that night we could see each other.

That was the night I was warding off the last of a cold and was content just to listen to Ethan and Gabe talk about Nazis and how many names for cougars there were.

Doughnuts and little boys, they may not be the healthiest for a cold, but oh so lifting to a girl and her spirits.


Emily said...

Love this slice of your life. You have a way with words...

Katie said...

Yep, they were good! Especially the ones with those little sprinkles on top.

Love you,