Jun 5, 2014

the first of the strawberries & a fairy house

 Ethan picked the first strawberries this week.
We've had so much rain! Everything is so green and wholesome.
We're on to our second mowing already. Joseph said our lawn has never looked this nice.
I've been itching for a project all spring.
Something to fill summer days when I haven't anywhere to go.
So Dawna and I decided we should set about beautifying our yards and house.
We picked fairy houses.
We have plans for a really big one somewhere, to do together, that requires more planning
and super creative sisters like I have.
But I kind of woke up one morning with an idea and worked away while everyone was industriously helping mother dear in the garden.

 It started with a door, and digging through all of Mama's craft boxes, green and yellow paint.

At first, all I had was a door. And when I couldn't figure out how to put it on a tree, I found some hemp and went to work on a rope ladder.

You should never worry about things you can't figure out right that second when you're on a spurb the moment . . . moment. Just move on to your next source of inspiration and it will all come to you.

A friendly little finch made her nest right atop the roof, and I think it completes it. For I do believe this particular fairy is an animal fairy. She will take care of all the little animals when they are hurt or sick.

Daddy helped me with the little front porch and getting it up there and drilling holes so the wood wouldn't split. It tickled me that he wanted to help with a fairy house.

And yes, a fairy can very well fly up to her front porch without having to climb the ladder. But you see this particular rope ladder is for the occasion a friendly beetle or hedgehog might just happen to drop by and visit the fairy, whoever she might be.

I do not know who is exactly yet, or even if one has moved in yet, or if I'll ever see her. But she'll be there soon in any case and I'll know. I probably will not see her, but where's the believin' in them if you do?


Katie said...

So delightful!

Christa Upton said...

LOVE it!! I want to do something like this with our girls.