Jul 14, 2014

How I fell in love with farmland {pt.4} The Basement

This night really didn't need a post all its own, but then again . . . Yes, it did, because it was the kind of evening I had DREAMED of having again with the Browns! Even though they weren't all there and two-thirds of our family were 500 miles away, we had the kind of "best evening ever" I always wanted again. And Laura was there. 

It all started with a simple game of Dutch Blitz. But suddenly in the midst, five points away from someone winning, the game blurred out focus and we all became interested in how flexible the arms and legs were of various people in the room, doubled joints and who could stand on their head, or how to do a bridge. Alas, that craze was over too soon before I could grab my camera, but Josh and Peter were splendid at standing on their heads!

And somehow it all meandered over to the Foosball table and the game was on.

You should see them Browns in action!

Even dear friend Laura! I could not believe her mad Foosball skillz!

I love their brothers. Peter just talked like he'd known us forever and we'd just always been there. And I was glad cause boys like that don't know how it makes you feel to treated as if you've been known forever.

And Grace on the Foosball table? *whistles low* Ya'll better keep hands and fingers clear.

Joshy! Where's all your blonde hair and where did you get that deep voice? When did you get taller than me? Why do people have to grow up? You make me laugh. Thanks for being a fourth brother.

Sista pictures! Pay attention, Hannah.

Grace...Grace. Focus, Grace.

There! Brilliant! Smiles and laughter!

And a perfectly lovely one.

Laura, I have just as many crazy pictures of you and me on my phone, but I've no way to get them off. But they're lovely and crazy, and you're awesome.

And the races commence.

The two competitors decide on a grasshopper race! They line up, ready to take off.

While Laura looks on from the sidelines...

And they're off, running neck and neck, stretching to reach the finish line!

I don't know who won, but it made for a hysterical fit of laughter afterwards!

And then they set upon a brilliant idea!

A hopping race and Peter joins in while Josh shoots Nerf at them from the sidelines.

There they go!
And Laura and I sit blithely on the sidelines watching the fun!

Taking the Nerf as it comes! Brave statues, stalwart as soldiers!

It's sooo scary, though!!

Then Blind Man's Bluff. Yes, there was no handkerchief so Hannah put on an orange hat and went looking for everyone. Here's a little video of the night.

And I kept thinking it was like being a kid again where there's nothing that kids do but laugh and play games and just love being with people you don't see that often. Thanks for the precious night, Browns. Thanks for all the memories. Thanks for being friends. Thanks for being kids again with me. Thanks for being there.

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Looks like a great time!