Oct 31, 2014

Family Portraits - The Uptons

     A few weeks ago I was able to photograph the wonderful Upton family! Mom met Christa through the homeschool group in our area, and we met at a park to have a play day together.  

     Through it all, we shared our blogs and email addresses, and one day Christa emailed me and asked if I would do some pictures for her book. In return she would edit my stories for me. It was a blessed exchange! And Christa has more than given me back what she promised. Not only has she been a wonderful editor, she's become a friend. She encourages me and gives me hope when I feel hopeless. She also played a magnificent role in getting me started in this indie author publishing stuff! 

     I love her family and I'm so happy to know them. To read Christa's story and find out about her books, please visit her website. Black Hills Picture Books. And watch her blog, she has a new book coming out very soon! You can find her on Amazon, too.


Christa Upton said...

Aw, thank you, Sweetie!!!! You did a FANTASTIC job with the photos (of my family and for my book, too), and we REALLY enjoyed the photo session!!!! :) I am SOOOO glad to know you & your family; so thankful the Lord brought us together.

Much love,

Anonymous said...

AWESOME PICTURES---- MAY I REBLOG ON MY BLOG????????????? http://sondasmcschatter.wordpress.com

K. M. Updike said...

Hi! Thank you for your comment! If you would like, you can post the link to the Upton post on your blog! That would be fabulous! Thanks!