Jan 16, 2015

Post Christmas and Holidays, a trip to India {pt.1}

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, I certainly did.
Though . . . it was all a bit short. I can remember some
breaks where I was thoroughly ready to get back into
a scheduled, secluded atmosphere, though that never
really lasted long after I actually got back into it.
This time, I wasn't ready for it. It just sprang upon us
out of the shadows of January and the New Year, quite

But here we are. Living a year that has never been lived
before! And so in case the doldrums of
New Year's resolutions crashing down on your head earlier than expected,
here are a few remnants from my Christmas, glorious as it was.
It might range into a couple of posts. I'm not sure yet. Haven't
gotten that far . . . First, let's begin with December 20th, Dawna's
Christmas party.
We traveled far away, to the far reaches of India, in search of a mysterious jewel called the Moonstone.

 Lots of fun and games to begin the party with a bang. This one is called Fill the Stocking. You had to put as many Starbursts on a spoon as you could then run with them to the other end of the room and fill up the stocking. First team to put all the Starbursts in won. We played other ones like, The Tie Game. You had to tie a real, actual man's suit tie on your partner with only one hand. Then an upset-the-fruit-basket type game only it was Santa Claus and The Reading of the Night Before Christmas. That was fun.

Then the fun part began. Dawna adorned the heads of the noble gentlemen with Indian turbans, playing Arabian Nights in the background. It set the mood quite well.

Voila! A portal to ancient times and mysterious India. And Joseph also did his best to lighten the mood along the way.

He gets it from his father.

Travelers to ancient lands. Holy men in search of a precious stone . . .

We girls were not left out of the costuming. Oh no! 

Indian princesses all of us! I thought that would be all, and it was so lovely I couldn't imagine there being more, but then our hostess brought out these . . .

And the scarves topped it all!

Mama, an Indian queen!

I felt just like someone attending a maharajah's banquet feast.

Demostrating how we could further wear them if we so chose.

Mysterious ladies from South Asia.

On to the feasting, on to the dining, on to the entertainment! And oh, did we feast!

Peacock feathers.

Holy, sacred temple shrines. We did not know then they were clues to the special guest and where our mysterious journey was to take us that evening.

Cheese and crackers.

Luscious fruit!

Treasure boxes filled with sweet delights and treats.

Blood of grapes.


Indian princess.

Ah! And the turbaned Ethan discovers the jewel! Then the little cogs and wheels began to turn. I was not even close, though!

Between the feast and the revealing of the special guest, conversation lightened the evening, bringing us closer together.

Serious thought of the mysterious jewel.

The tightening of turbans can be a painful affair.

The Maharajah of the Evening and his bride.

After this came the lighting of candles and the revealing of the special guest . . .
Dark. Glowing candle light. Then . . .
The Moonstone.
Written by Wilkie Collins, said to be the first mystery writer ever, adapted by Masterpiece Theater into a haunting, chilling tale of thievery, desecration, and love.
It topped the evening off splendidly. Not mention delicious swirl cheesecake for dessert. A splendid mystery and Wilkie Collins is now my favorite. I will ever remember this wonderful evening.

So began our Christmas festivities. Excitement, adventure, and delicious food.
More to come!


Katie said...

You tell our family story so well!
Love you,

K. M. Updike said...

Thanks, Mama!