May 27, 2015

We went to a greenhouse

As cold as an April afternoon could be.
And Aunt Connie was with us.
We wandered about the plants and flowers.
I was afraid to take pictures at first.
Afraid someone would see me and frown.
But then I got brave.

There's a musty, earthy, spring time smell in a green house. 
It's damp, but warm.

Mama and Aunt Connie wandered around talking about everything.

And there's something comforting about all the green, growing things, soaking up light and life around you.

I've come to the conclusion I love greenhouses.
That I want to live in one.
That living among such beautiful things,
always reaching for the sun, for the light,
for the heavens, is one of God's greatest gifts.


Katie said...

Thanks for capturing the day in pictures! I am thankful for the gift of "you".


Hannah said...

I love you! What a beautiful post!

Alyosha said...

Oh my gosh. These pictures are gorgeous and how do you do the photography thing!!!! Greenhouses are some of my favourite places and your photos capture the wholesome, peaceful feeling of them so well.

Also, succulents <3