Jun 19, 2015

How to learn to trust + giveaway

There's this thing in my family where we take walks. 
I'm sure we have people on our lonely country road 
who comment about how often we take walks, 
and how they only see us on the same stretch of dirt all the time.

It's something collective. 
Someone suggests it, and if you get someone else to come along 
that's usually the catalyst that surges into a group walk up. 
And when you have five siblings, yeah, it's usually a group walk.

But sometimes there's just the two of us.

And sometimes it takes longer to trust just one person 
than it does a whole group of them. 
I mean, there's a different kind of trust when you trust just one person.

I'm learning about trust. 
How you can sometimes lose it.
How you can sometimes not get it at all.
How vulnerable it is.
How it can hurt.

When little brother and I go out it's hot and muggy, and the dogs trail along through grass almost as tall as they are.
When there's just the two of us, and I've noticed this, 
it takes a little while to get talking, to feel each other out. 
And it's only when we've walked along together for a ways does the conversation pick up. 
When we've walked the same road across the same rocks crunching under our feet, 
climbed a hill, when we've stayed by each other's side, 
and that is when the words come, when the trust comes. 
When you've gone a little way with them and not turned back.

Why is trust so important?
Do you have something you'd like to say about it?
You have the chance in this week's giveaway.

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tracey said...

I have so many books that I love, so I don't know if I have two favorites. Each book I have read has touched me differently. The Bible definitely. But if I have to choose I would say the series from Francine Rivers, Mark of the Lion. It is a 3 book series. And one of my favorites is the one you wrote for me. I am sad to say it was destroyed in the fire. But that's the sweet thing about a good book. If it has touched you, you will never forget the words.

Christa Upton said...

Well put about trust. What a fragile yet beautiful thing trust is! It is hard to trust humans again when trust has been broken by others. But trust is essential to connect the way God meant us to connect. Without trust, human relationships because shallow and nearly meaningless. Love your post!

Katie said...

Two of my favorite book series are the Mitford books, and the Laura Ingalls Wilder series. I have probably read the Mitford books at least 4 times each, and the LIW books 8 or 9 times.

Katie said...

Loved your comments on trust. You are growing in so many ways. Does this Mama heart good! Trust is so basic to any relationship. How can you share your thoughts, needs, life with someone you do not trust? You will not be able to commit yourself if you cannot trust.

K. M. Updike said...

Thanks so much for leaving a comment! It's so fun to see what your favorite books are, and to hear what trust means to you all!

I'm so excited about your entries!

Thank you, Mama!

Love you all!

Hannah said...

Does a favorite series count? My favorites are the Adventures in the Northwoods series and Grandma's Attic! I never get to old to reread those and I've probably done so about three or four times since I've discovered them!

Your writing reminds of both those series! So entertaining and happy and wonderful!!!!

Love you sister!!!!!