Aug 30, 2015

Mundane Monday: Little Bits of Beauty

So here on the blog we're going to have a lovely September. 
It's been a little dark over here as of late, but there's a new blogging schedule up and about that will spruce things up and bring some colors back!

On Monday's we're going have Mundane Monday: Little Bits of Beauty
to help start out the week with little pieces of God's grace and beauty.
That's what we're doing today! 

Writely Wednesday is all about writing and creating stories, making beauty with words, writing tips and characters, brainstorming, and making things up.

Freedom Friday. My sister and I always paraphrased from Fievel Goes to America at the end of the work week and said(in our best mouse voices), "It's Friday! What do we want? Freedom!" So Friday's are all about books. Books for when you're happy, when you're sad, books for writing, books to help you escape a little, to explore the freedom of new worlds. You'll find them here.

If there's anything you'd like to see here, just drop me a note in the comments or HERE!

So for today, here's a little bit of God's grace . . . 

     So it's Friday night. We're having homemade pizza. The movie credits are rolling with a soaring score and everyone's piled around on couches and the living room floor with plates and forks, waiting for the movie to start.

     But the summer sun's sinking and there's this light falling in just the right place, in the moments just before it slips behind our shop outside and the whole kitchen and this side of the house is darkened. In just this slip of a moment it's like having a jar of gold right there in your house. What is this? Who would have thought? Here, at this place I live? Are there beauties in the mundane, too?

It's like finding treasure on your counter, where you didn't expect it.

Dream of Thaw - Balmorhea 

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Katie said...

You are a treasure!

Love you,