Sep 21, 2015

Mundane Monday: Little Bits of Beauty

It's when you come to the end of a thing you start to feel the losing of it.

     The leaves all this glorious color will be coming soon, and I'm still hanging onto the last bits of summer.

      This prairie's been flooded with exceeding rains and scorched by hot, dry winds. The garden's been raked by hail that piled up in corners, and we've been covered in soot from fires across the country.

      Not to mention the days when it just seemed like life was just one big work week where the weekend wasn't coming.

     But I'm wishing I could just hold on to these last few days. Because there's these little moments seeping out between everything . . .

      The night we had a bonfire and s'mores. The day Ethan dressed up like a Ranger straight out of Lord of the Rings. Staying up late, watching movies with little sis, the day Laureli came for a photoshoot. BLT's for lunch. The baby ducklings on our pond, letting go of a story, days at the lake. And how the peaches drank in the morning light. Right there, just in front of me on the table.

     It was a good summer, if only for these.
     I know I can't just write off a season as bad or good.
     Because nothing's black and white.
     Sometimes there's acres and acres of color between the lines.


Alyosha said...

Ahh. I love you. I've been thinking about this summer too and its lights and darks and yes, nothing like that is ever all good or bad and your words put it perfectly.

<3 <3 Official promise that a long long email is coming tomorrow! (Aiee. Sorry.)

K. M. Updike said...

Thank you, love! Can't wait for the email!!!!