Oct 19, 2015

We Didn't Tell Anyone Where We Were Going

At the beginning of October my family and I took a weekend trip! Yay! We took a week end trip because we rarely ever get away on family vacations because of pets and gardening, and goats, and yeah, it's just a little too crazy. Plus, we don't even have a vehicle that works that we can all fit into. *happy sigh* I love our family.

So off we went! We loaded up two cars with weekend gear and headed out. My big brother was home that week, too. He's been gone ALL. SUMMER. LONG. I missed him. And we didn't tell anyone where we were going  . . . well, our lovely neighbor who milked the goats for us knew, and so did Grandma. But absolutely no one else. It was sneaky.

And as you can see, it turned out to be a very rainy, cloudy day. But if you're from the Black Hills area you know that's perfect kind of day to go adventuring. Because none of the tourists who are still crazy enough to be in this part of the country ever come out on these kinds of days. Perfectly splendid.

 We wanted some pictures at Mt. Rushmore but there was so much fog and clouds we knew we'd never be able to see it. So we stopped off to walk around Keystone. Goodness, you could actually see what the walkway looked like without all the crowds.

We explored our favorite shops and were quite mischievous. Except Ethan. Ethan was dapper.

These boys need one more person and start a barber shop quartet. They are a rather handsome trio by themselves, though.

Hannah was cute.

What's that you ask? Any dangerous wildlife in the Hills? Nah. But I'd watch out for those Timber Tigers.

And of course, you can't leave Keystone without stopping by the handmade taffy shop. We came away with, ahem, several bags . . .

What Winter Street looked like about 1935. Daddy and I are always hanging around pictures like this. History buffs!

Then we loaded up into the car, hot cider to warm us, and headed out to eat at our favorite restaurant. We climbed higher and higher into the clouds, it was so beautiful.

After lunch, we headed off down the interstate, and here we are entering Spearfish Canyon.

Yes, it was cold, but you can't do Spearfish Canyon justice without rolling your window down and catching the breeze.

Just the beginning of the amazing journey . . .

There are plenty of places to stop along the way and take a closer look at nature. But no matter how closely we peered at these strange spectacles we couldn't figure out what they were . . .

Man made though it was, it was still pretty.

Looking to see some fish . . . However Joseph seems preoccupied with something more attractive.

Whenever there's water nearby Ethan becomes wet. Fact of life.

As we were heading back to our car the sun came out and fell across this lovely rock formation. A bright wall in the gray day.

Perpetual fog rolling in.

Bridal Veil Falls.

The explorers set off, but William came back and said I needed to get this shot. Thanks, bro.

The viewing veranda.

A bit of the colors. It was past the peak, but it was still beautiful.

We stopped off at Roughlock Falls where once upon a time we lost William and thought he'd drowned. It was beautiful.

So you can get the gist of what the whole thing looked like. There were winding paths and bridges everywhere.

Big little bro is just an autumn soul. Through and through.

Big bro & me. Introverts. Writers. Perpetual book talkers. Buddies.

Off to see one last water fall.

Crossing the iron grate bridge. 


After the bridge you are met with a very windy, muddy, rough path. Only adds to the atmosphere.

I'm not sure what this fall was called, but it was the most magnificent.

You could feel the mist blowing off the falls. So think it dripped from the trees.

The autumn soul.

These trees are so tall!

Little sis. Picturesque.

We took Boulder Canyon on the way home, which was no less spectacular. Then we checked into a hotel, a novelty for this large family, ate at Pizza Ranch where they were doing a fund raiser for a premie baby. There were little girls in pink shirts and pig tails asking if they could clear your plates every five minutes. Too adorable. At the end of day one we were ready for a swim and a soak in the hot tub, and slipped off to bed with little argument.

Day Two coming next week!



Katie said...

You do such a lovely job capturing our memories!

Love you,

Christa Upton said...

Beautiful!!!! We aren't going to make it up to Spearfish Canyon this fall, so I was especially happy to enjoy it this year through your eyes!!!!! :) Looking forward to Day 2!!!!! :)