Oct 26, 2015

We Didn't Tell Anyone Where We Were Going {pt. 2}

The next morning we had a delicious breakfast at Caddy's next door. It was one of those restaurants that looked like it had seen a lot faces. A little bit dim and dark. But our waitress was the best.

Then we traveled on down the road back toward Deadwood and Lead. We found some parking and here are Hannah and Joseph, ready to tour the old town. Quite a history this place has.

I loved this hotel. It looks like a mine with tin siding and roofing. It has character.

Ready to go visit the Adams Museum. There are actual prints of newspapers from Deadwood's glory days set out so you could read them. I need to go back there.

We stopped by the Midnight Star. Silverado is one of my all time favorite westerns, so it was just a little bit sweet. Not to mention Kevin Costner owns it.

A look down the streets.

I loved finding all the little nooks and crannies of the local life. Who wants to live on a hill like this with me?

Someone has an eye for autumnal art. We couldn't pass this up. 

And Daddy took us to see the place where James Butler Hickok was shot and killed. 

It was closed on Sundays, and it was pretty much the end of the season.

But we stood outside the front doors and Daddy told us the story details anyway.

Apparently, Hickok caught Jack McCall cheating in a card game and threw him out. This is where they found him after he'd shot and killed Hickok. It was closed for renovations as someone's studio was going in.

We passed a casino and there was a Willy Wonka machine inside. I might add some adults attended little bro to educate him in the ways of gambling. Hannah and I took a seat and waited outside. We just needed to sit down for a minute.

I asked if we could go see Hickok's and Calamity Jane's graves in Mt. Moriah Cemetery, my family complied.

The majority of the hill was climbed in the car, but this last bit we were on our own.

I believe it was originally a boot hill before it became an actual cemetery. I think they perfected the art of hillside grave digging.

A glance at the town and how high we are.

Daddy reading the map and trying to the find the grave of the local historian, McClintock, who wrote about McCall and Hickok.

And there he rests. With no connection to Deadwood and South Dakota in the least, except that he loved to gamble and died because of it.

Calamity Jane rests beside him. Her last dying wish.

Then it was time to head to Cheyenne Crossing, the drive Daddy was eager to take us on. But we stopped at the Chubby Chipmunk first.

A grumpy soul or two needed some chocolate to make the day better. Don't look at me.

The aspens are the prettiest out here.

We stopped at this little nook off the road. It looks like we're somewhere far in the mountains, out on our own. Ethan just fits in so well with mountainous scenery. We're going to live in Alaska together someday.

These trees are so tall! William snapped a picture of me with them.

Loading up with hot cider and snacks before we start out again, homeward bound.

Cheyenne Crossing. When Dad says something's beautiful you can believe him. So many beautiful log homes along the way, too.

Ah, yes October 4th. The anniversary of our blizzard Atlas. We met these ranchers and cows along the road taking precautions.

This nice cowboy lead us through the maze of cows. He looked like he'd done it several times before.

One last look at this beautiful country.

Daddy took us to Newcastle where he showed us his childhood home and where his grandma lived. This is what Wyoming looks like, for the most part. Brought back so many memories. I used to be a Wyoming girl. We found something to eat and it was rather a quiet, sleepy trip home under rain and clouds. But we had an adventure, a grand adventure and I think all of our souls were lifted.

You should come with us next time . . .

Love, Kayla


Christa Upton said...

Oh, MY how much I would love to go with you next time! :) Beautiful, wonderful, fun!!! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing. We've been to Newcastle several times, and there library has my Black Hills book! :)

Christa Upton said...

Oops-their library, not there library. :D