Feb 15, 2016

A List of Good Things + plus Free printable

1. Tea and books and comfy, pillowy blankets, and owl mugs

2. Windchimes

3. Sunshine

4. Birds on wires

5. Hot chocolate with marshmallows 

6. Afternoon light

7. Towels on the clothesline 

8. Pink clocks

9. Holes. In jeans.

10. Fresh basil from the garden

11. Memories

12. Winter sunsets

13. Hope

Extra list of Good Things 
Free printable

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Emily said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. It's all about training our eyes to see that beauty in daily life.

K. M. Updike said...

Thank you! I'm continually amazed at all the beauty I can find in the same place in the same things every day.